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10 Shark Tank Deals They Regret Not TakingThroughout its nine seasons, the show "Shark Tank" has averaged four to nine million viewers. It's the biggest public platform that an entrepreneur could hope for, and just a 10-minute pitch on the show can translate to huge sales. ABC’s “Shark Tank” has doled out $100 million worth of deals to hungry entrepreneurs willing to face the gaze of both the judges and the nationwide audience. TV’s "Shark Tank" has led many entrepreneurs down the path to success and riches. Entrepreneurs on the show present their sales pitches in search of funding, and investors the sharks who want to invest in the companies then make funding proposals to the business owners. On ABC's Shark Tank show, entrepreneurs present their golden idea to a panel of business-savvy individuals. The entrepreneurs' goal is to get at least one of the sharks to fund them, and the shark's goal is to find a potentially good investment and own a piece of the business. Be sure to like the video, and subscribe to ShowStar, so you don’t miss the next one.


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