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In Ginga Densetsu Weed there are only two female dogs in a cast of Loads and Loads of Characters. This is trope is originally inverted in Our Little Adventure, with three girls in a Five-Man Band. The rest of the crew is divided evenly, with two women - Glory and Eiger - and two men - Dietrich and Blitz, though the latter is optional if the PC is a Decker. Eileene wields a spear and fights with brute strength, whole Rachel wields a Royal Rapier and fights elegantly. Nakoruru and Rimururu in Samurai Shodown III. While Ultraman Gaia has the all-female Team Crow squadron, XIG's base operation crew has Atsuko Sasaki and Georgie Leland. Tatum is the red to Sidney's blue. Gameplay-wise, played straight by Skies of Arcadia : as there is indeed a 4 guys: 3 girls ratio. Sirius Island arc: Ultear and Merudy. More from the Amazon Books Editors.

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Subverted later with Kat as DLC. Only one episode The Naked Time features all three women; Nurse Chapel and office playground free shipping coupon Yeoman Rand never interact with each other, but Uhura seems to be on fairly good terms with the both of them. This trope is Older Than Print. The DCU's Relative Heroes team is made up of two girls and three boys all of whom are siblings by blood or adoption. However Rachel arrives in the opening episode, making it a Gender-Equal Ensemble. Leila is a badass Pirate Girl. Yara Greyjoy, Olenna Tyrell, Ellaria Sand, and the Sand Snakes gradually join them in the final two episodes of Season 6 when Dany finally sails to Westeros, though. While the team lineup changed many times in subsequent volumes, the girls always outnumbered the boys. But only counting the humans, it's a Gender-Equal Ensemble.