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Kavita Khare

In thumbnail ty looks like hawkeye


That panda is so damn cute.


I don't think that any normal person would stalk someone's account

The Great Wooly

Finally. Assassins Creed makes sense!

VIC 30

I think the developer loves dinosaur

Dad: Ok Hanna (The mom) they're coming for Thanksgiving. Now what do we tell them for Christmas?

Beinta Niclasen

You are so sweet too Them 😀👍🏻


Good vid mate

Switches changes to an advert

Dark Black Knight

I feel that those players have better things to do than doing trick shots😃😀😃😀

Sophi Essandoh

Did any one see that man looking down a his crochet 0:19

Avinash Deshmukh

Are people still playing this game??


is garret pnda

Isabella Sutcliffe

if Elsa doesn’t have a girlfriend I’m suing

Claudia Armah

The tilte sounds that the guy has cheated on her some chick or consistently assaulting her.

Ash pokeball Amv

Hey guys almost 1M subs

adoroblebillybunter 123

Nooooo panda😭😭😭😭


This fake so you all know.

Rick Gaming


Melissa Gaspar

@judkinz33 no you cant and if you think you can post a video response with it.

Diary of a Weeb

Wow, imagine a world where people would actually get bullied for being homophobic

If u agree press this button


Meow meow meow, mew meow. Mew meow meorrarrarrow. Meow.

Mr. M

I have them to do they called Segway drift.

Lego showoffs subscribe

Team ty all the way


Congratulations from us fans! The Fupa throne has an heir!

Morgz: F*cking Crazy, Abuses His Parents, No Mental Hospital.


I got so mad at them I don't know why!

Andrew Erickson

You should do a cast list at the end of stereotypes videos. Especially for the people that are not dude perfect people that are not editors and when it's unclear who is doing what.

Stl Blues Mega Fan

If the 1 piece comes off then what?

Vixiniara *

Boy: send me pics of your juicy peaches

Ramen Ritchie


Gurpartap Sandhu

hiiiiI am sukhvir from Punjab India I love your all the video I want one thing that the next game was cricket plz plz plz plz plz plz

Omega Fire dragonoid

Julio Jones

Cody Wolf

I’m like this I don’t trust anyone anymore

hockey boyzzz

Named one before

Just do it

All this good quality videos though he is one person hats off to you sir

Ethan mojang wrestling


sean cox

Do a fishing trick shot video


During the support group next to the kissed paper there is a paper that says "Lost Dog Bolt" this is a Easter egg to Disneys Bolt