7 Rings- Ariana Grande DANCE TUTORIAL | Dana Alexa Choreography

MERCH: WWW.THELOYALIST.COM/DANAALEXAHey Guys! Here is the step by step tutorial for my choreography to “7 Rings" by Ariana Grande!CLICK HERE to try it with the music: sure to upload your covers and tag me using the hashtags #DanaAlexaArmy and #DanaAlexaChoreo so I can find them! Also, give DanaAlexaArmy_ a follow on Instagram-- Ill be re-posting your covers on that page!SONG: 7 RingsBy: Ariana Grande▶ SUBSCRIBE: www.youtube.com/danaalexadance▶ INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: Facebook: Website: www.theloyalist.com/danaalexa----- MORE VIDEOS ----"MAGENTA RIDDIM" -DJ Snake: MIDDLE" Zedd:VEGAS" - The Magician: -Dua Lipa: DRAMA" - Tinashe: GOOD AT GOODBYES" - Sam Smithi: - Jason Derulo:

Madison Cook

I did karaoke to a TS song last night


Did Garrett get bit by a shark, or what happened? Please answer if u got it.


who else was waiting for " its takin ovah"

Daniel Stutz

do a lawn mowing stereotype

John Auerbach

Wheres garret

But they wont stop loving you.

Devin Hill

this is getting worse. I waited 2 months for nothing. this kinda blows. no offense, I was expecting some spectaclular b-ball shots.

Brayam Núñez

Hey at least you didn’t cut your nose because of that watermelon

Toby Stevens

where was the panda suit brought?


Tighe Privott

Nice video !


I think Iron Man forgot to dust you along w/ Thanos and his army

Lowie XD

Best channel of easter eggs!!!


@lazer actually its not stupid its true so you are retarded

Yy Zhang

Dude perfect was at our school the week before spring break!! they were preaching to us!!

E3000`s Gaming Reviews

I Love your vids but this music was just plain and simple shit

Alwyn Herbst


Coby) listening device: green: great for spies

Lance Smith

I like pie... the pizza kind😲😲😲😲

Trusty Patches

I am tired of Earth. Of these people. Tired of getting caught in the tangle of their lives.

Matthew Pacey

Everyone: This video is homophobic at it's core and there is nothing you can do to make it better

Annalice L

Holy moly once again the opening of the video is a minute of Elsa almost drowning

M. V.

In Max Payne 3's soundtrack, there's one song on there, in the beginning, you can here Max's daughter Sarah crying... We all know its fake.

Neukx L

The seat planning is so bad in basketball....


lowkey feels like ocarina of time and pokemon mixed together

Bruh Button

It's Disney's version of G-Man

Kogy Kun

The king won this one

Siddharth Shenoy

What is beta access?


Whose watching this in 2017 July

raspy’s vids

When she showed the clips for marble wearing the clothes with her describing the clothes in the background I don’t know what came over me I just lost it and started crying to laughter


I swear the Mozart in the jungle clip in this video is the exact same as the samurai Jack clip from part 1. Did one reference the other? Or just a coincidence?


You should do a baseball stereotype

Ajay Veera

Guys I'm from India I'm a badly fan yours mainly COBY do you have any suggestions about India and any chance for Indians if you wish you can reply me😍😍😍😍😍 or else ignore that😢😢😢😢😢

Frankie Zamora


kitty cat girl

I feel like a low life because NO ONE in my school is suffering from what I have (panic disorder caused by emetophobia fear of vomiting) and I get very low grades while everyone else gets straight A's. My panic attacks can get so bad that I wind up not doing the class work and do it for homework (which I slack off on since you know) and the worst part is that no one understands what I'm suffering from especially my parents (OMG IM GETTING EMOTIONAL 😭). I feel so alone in life and lost that I don't even know if I will succeed in life. Help...

If only they made more.


My eyes feels wired after watching that video on a very small screen.

Every Animal Ever


Mynibaga I have been disabled for 10 years and I'm 12 does default dance


Try to get the secret 5th person from the original 4 ( see starting screen world at war zombies right top )


i'm was playing evil withen when this vid came on

The Lightness

This video makes me suicidal..

Akasha Snow

Arya Stark vs Wendy


Jonny heckker is my teachers cousin!

Gman Plays


Im so sorry love for the loss of your loved one❤I can see he loved you truely

Gacha Grace Universe & Edits

Ok so what now :/

Aarati Yonjan

I wish I got taylor swift's voice msg 😭😭

frogy playz



I'm just gonna say this how it it was if it was a boy in her shoes that had those same type of bullies the school would of probably been shot up by now

Pat Costello

Do Doctor Who

gabi gabriela

if you have a third mum how Ît was supost to say it third mum😂😂😂😂

Manny Renova

you are so cool

Heather Hare

Me gusta doctor who

Adi Does Stuff

Wow...you are so nice.

Victor Sakamoto

So fucking awesome dude , please never stop doing vídeos


Who the fuck is Neil Cicierega?