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Feared Panda

air tower shot with a basketball

mr. Pikachu

3:38 there’s soooooo much mud


Can't wait for your MGSV video.

jumai fayemi

Just hearing this made me depressed.

Savagegamer2413 SG2413

I thought Garrett beat Cory but nope

Fernando Arnabar

They even had the voice of the girl back then

jarian henderson

i meant 4:36


As a Texan...Texas Roadhouse isn’t even close to real Texan....Texas Roadhouse isn’t even from Texas.


RoxyGirl ASMR

I love Disney Frozen and can’t wait to see this in sure it’s a masterpiece ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

Jadon Davidson

Dallas cowboys

Gary Pollock

do the effle tower next

Navid All Gray




Kendra Chai

I am crying so much right now, poor girl😞

Big boy is back in town

Yes but when you come out with your foundation line are you still doing to have a shade called “creamsicle” for Manny


Barçalona please

you are going to stop the channel or what?


this happened to my Grandma, she had my dad, my uncle, and I was supposed to have another uncle but my Grandma had a miscarriage.

Spearhead Studios

Most awesome video on the internet

Caleb Yazzie

hi guru

Musical Clips

Can someone view my videos and just tell me thoughts about them?

Ritu joshi

Real life trick shot 4 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

ck Select

Halo reach is the best

doctor strange

98% people have alot of likes 2% people have a small amount of likes

Walldirt 2007

I also stood up to my bully but then he punched me in the face,so next morning I made friends with street dogs and pushed him towards them. Next day in school, and all the other days later, he cried when he looked at me and nobody dared to bully me again!😈😈😈😈😈😈#Go animals


The video is already over ?! It was fun to watch, i didnt realize the shining easter egg the first time i visit this place. Very good job =)

nicholas villarreal

i'm not crying, you are.

Free radicals.

infires men

i know im overreacting, but this made me burst in tears. Idk but i cried with his ethereal beauty, and the piano, and i was emotional looking at him very happy in this video. I think i cried bc, i never experienced the joy jk and bts is feeling everyday. i cried looking at his happy life, and that i will never be as happy as him.

Magdiel Santiago

Pinche camper de mierda 😡

Cheri Cherry

Did anyone else think that Jenna was going to put 11 layers of shirts on Marble? Or is that just me

Robert A.

That sign of progress when you look and one of your older videos and then you look at this one. Keep it up, you're gonna go far, Kid... 😎

Maha Ahmed

I literally thought this was something like inside out lol

Fernand Yu


Ducky The duck

It was a long time ago

Taylor Bearrows

explode football's

John Gills

now its not, i used it ten minutes ago

Oliver Crespo

Yo that first shot was fuckin ridiculous like holy shit low key one of their most impressive ones I’ve seen

Daniela 33008

I’ve been in that beach it was on November 2018 it was on the same week as thanksgiving


The pickaxe could also be a reference to some climbers at Everest.

Helped me with my essay.

Joshua Smith

Mall Stereotypes plz

jason pan

idea 1 lol

All Knives

Do metro last light Easter eggs...... When you complete, if you have it and if you find any