50 Cent Producer Makes a Beat ON THE SPOT - !llmind ft. King Z3us

50 Cent Producer Makes a Beat ON THE SPOT. In this 'On The Spot Sessions' episode we feature Grammy Nominated super producer !LLMIND (50 Cent, J Cole, Drake, Slaughterhouse, Scarface, Ludacris) used Protools to create a (boom bap, trap, southern style) beat for his Roseville Music Group artist King Z3us. We were able to capture all of this live on the spot. Recording session was engineered by Lorenzo at RMG Studios in Brooklyn, NYC. Video produced by @EL_Ybi and @Rich_Blanco. BoonBap Loops Vol.3 was used and can be purchased at maschinemasters.com/shopDownload Songbeat produced byFollowUs

amna khan

flip and dip

Destroyer8053 Gaming

Ty quite literally evened the score

Emma Vroomignan

I usually am not a fan of Rudy’s content. But this. This is awesome..

Baccardi 151

Thank you so much for these videos guru! every single one is alot of fun to watch it makes my day (:

Marady Mon

I sometimes compare myself to instagram models and it's distressing. I like when you speak about the gemstones; diamonds, rubies and topaz. Anybody can copy & follow what another person does, but what will make them different from the rest?

First you just need to focus on your own self and dont care what people say

Eli Vazquez

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Fanstasma Pacmon

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Rasool Crepsley

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Str8 up Pwnage

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MrHufflepuff 64

I love 1:00 to 1:07 after florian makes the shot he bows to the camera as the chorus of keep it 100 is playing... badass!

NintendoNerd - Toby

ALSO if you type in Chuck Norris it says that theres no results and it says things such as "search for someone less dangerous" and "you dont find Chuck Norris he finds you"

mis. whyareureadingthis

why do they pics look different..like did u change the artist or smh...plz take him back l don't like dis!!!

Roman Heru


Space DessertYT

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Dunk shot

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there are a lot more easter eggs though..."war never changes" "jango fett" and so on

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Esteban Chia Dote Chia Dote

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Finneus Bedford


Jesus likes bmx

Dude perfect please can u make this for windows phone!!! Thanks


Great video dude xD.


I had my 1st phone since I was 9

Alondra Cash

bro this made me laugh so much my mom told me to shut up lmaoooo


New target... one of your rockets


Wait wait wait wait. Rachel is part of the staff now??? WTF!!!!!

HaDaSsAhIsWeIrD :3

I love the vibrant colors

student vlogs Guarin

2018 wathching !!!!!!!!!!!😀😀😀😀😀

That's Me

0:38 lele Pons 😍😘😘😍😍


lolibug artigirl

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Chraimel Twitch

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Willie Boone

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Amy Nguyen

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Sam Vines

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Annaliese Halgren

I don't understand #4 (the fastest man alive has its disadvantages)

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Lol! The little girl " MOM, it's a real panda!" Me: almost dies

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A double double is a Tim Hortons Coffee

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Any one play Fortnite

#1 Warriors Fan

You need to do one with Steph Curry