6 Bass Tone Fixes (Stop Sounding Like A Newb)

You might not even KNOW that your bass tone sucks right now - but you’ll have it fixed by the end of this lesson.0:21 - What is Tone?1:17 Fix #0 - Tuning2:14 Fix #1 - Pluck Properly3:27 Fix #2 - Cut Your Nails4:18 Fix #3 - Learn String Basics7:50 Fix #4 - Learn Your Pickups9:14 Fix #5 - Learn Your Knobs11:36 Fix #6 - Amp EQWhen I was a beginner, I didn’t really even know what bass tone was. I was so focused on learning technique, theory, and playing songs, that I would have had no idea if my tone was any good or not.In this video, I’m gonna teach you all the stuff I wish someone had taught me in my first year of playing.First of all, what is tone? I’ll give you a simple functional definition, plus show you some examples of different tones so you can hear for yourself.Then it’s on to our 6 Bass Tone Fixes. But first I had to throw in Fix #0, because SO many beginners make this mistake with their tuning…Fixes #1 and #2 are about what you do with your plucking hand, which is where tone starts. (a great bassist can make even crappy gear sound good because they know what to do with their hands)In Fixes #3 thru 6, I’ll walk you through the gear basics you need to know to fix your bass guitar tone. (and I’ll skip all the stuff you DON’T need to know right now) Once you get your strings, pickups, bass knobs, and amp EQ dialed, you’ll have seriously legit tone on your side.Now that you’ve got that killer tone, click subscribe so I can help you more with your bass playing: there are even MORE free lessons (that you can’t get on YT) over at #basseq


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