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Jair Menendez


Ahnaf the champ

Hit or miss i guess they never miss huh


I wonder how may views it had before it was posted on ifunny anybody know?

Daily Fortnite item shop

At 30 seconds Cody fails putting his mask on


Notification crew

Will Munns

Do more golf shots

Jonny Franklin

Omg world of warships is absolute cancer. Played that game for like 2 years for some reason. I didnt enjoy it thats safe to say. dont ask why i kept playing

Tony the Talking Clock

Diamonds are not forever


I have slow and long panic attacks... they can last an entire day for me with periods in between where it intensifies. Funny thing is, I only have them from october to may... as soon as its summer I am usually fine. Its very annoying as a lot of factors are responsible. Sun vitamins, other vitamins, hormonal imbalance, stressful events- sometimes its mental, sometimes its just physical for me so I have noooo idea what or how I could possibly treat it, as, if not the mental factors, physical factors are triggering it....


I love the level of engineering and design that go into plane trick shots videos.


But why

V's Corner

Im an Eagles fan and the drama between the Cowboys and the Eagles really hurt my feelings. And by the way the only reason why the Cowboys won the December 9th 2018 game was because of luck.

Shaun McLaughlin

I do

Connor Mettille

Garret really got a hold of that one

Golden Lion39

Those are some good parents and i find myself ugly my mom says i look pretty even though all moms say that :/


Why on earth are people forgetting that in every other sport where spheres travel long distances they curve as well?Have you never seen a soccer ball bend?The way he threw it is exactly consistent with the curve.You never see this on a court because no one throws a basketball like that (spinning diagonally instead of simply over-under).Besides, if they were going to fake it, why would they deliberately add something that might look fake?Occam's Razor says multiple takes.

Tatia Lodge

I literally have a cold everyday because of allergies


7:09 is the best one

Mathieu Leader

great graphics

XxMelonBrusxX 213

Omg! That’s so cruel

Panda Xkills

15 minutes that felt like 2! Your videos are that fucking great!

for toby

Go ty!!!

Toby collins

Also on freight opposite the teddy is a stop sign hammer and a clock referring to stop hammer time