Angela Yee's Lip Service ft. Yungeen Ace & Kodie Shane

Rapper/singer Kodie Shane and rapper Yungeen Ace stop by for this weeks episode of Lip Service. Kodie gets personal when explaining why she plans on being a virgin forever. Yungeen Ace shares his dreams of being a porn star, while setting up his perfect scene. Ace opens up about having his heart broken, his trust issues, and breaks down why his girlfriend is the only person he'll lie to. Ace's PO even calls mid interview. Subscribe to CinematicTV for more: to Angela Yee: Angela Yee:Facebook: Lip Service:SoundCloud: CinematicFacebook: Playlist:

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Mesoni me shum

Richard Arbizo

how u gonna get mad at loqueesha. its just funny.


I love that their parents named them Coby and Cory plus they’re twins. It’s a recipe for confuzzlement!!! 😂😂😂

Wrapped around my neck (A rope)

Ian Gilchrist

But the entire game Stanly parable is an easter egg


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Aaska Shrestha


If you are going to eat meat find one that has been eating proper food and has been treated nice.


Sneaker shopping with Dave east and jerry Seinfeld!!

Amit Sharma

Indians knew this long time before !

Amiya labrie


Anime Nerd

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I should be secure but I’m fucking ugly

Adam Watson/JoeThePro

1:35even his t shirt says man up

Mert Sirin

Greatest PG of all time. Not even close.

Markos GamerGR

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Her friend: She's cutting herself!


I`ve stood up to a bully by rolling my eyes.


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Satish Kumar

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Hannah Rosie

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maritinaaa 24

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Cat C

No, if you're from England you have an English accent. NOT British. Case closed.


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Emmanuela Jacob

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Conspirator 738

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Izzy Addiction

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DJ Destroyer

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Kevin Lanning

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Rosanna Xie.

After relating to the anxious type I searched more and everything about it relates to me. The way they describe some of the things they do also make me realize that I can’t keep going on being an anxious type. How can I become a secure type?

Steven Miklos


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