Ariana Grande - thank u, next (Official Instrumental)

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Tom Wood

2:02 What’s this?

Official Ronvic

I can already imagine someone making a meme out of this


Uhh there are four angles, and the ball doesn't disappear off screen on the last one.

My profile pic is proper..I wore loose hijab and loose clothes barely seeing my body shape..after that I didn't put any pic and the bullying stop...and I also deleted facebook

Alex Reed

Imagine if the rage. Monster destroyes his car and not the other guys

Abraham III

Zombies? R6? Huh?

sunil kumar

with marvel avengers

Eymen Aşcı


Trevor Chapman

Egg Chucking Challenge

Gimple Goat

Classic the Chevy truck broke down 😂

Dj Gamer

PANDA best one idl eagle and wolf

Infinite Ayushman

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Diana Baklanova

Sometimes I while I'm reading I just begin getting stressed out of nowhere, like if I really had to go do something (that only happens when I DON'T have to do anything, if I have to I don't get stressed). Then I go to the kitchen and look everywhere for snacks even if I know there are no snacks anywhere (it's like I think that the thing I need to do is to eat something, which I think is strange).

Richard Inzunza



My cousin did that


Just looked at her twitter and she has been married since this video :( i was going to marry this woman!

Nick Uhazie

🐼 panda is chad from the getting him a pet episode

kang jun han

Yo raptors fans. If you really support your players, why not learn from them by supporting KD instead of cheering for him and mocking him FUCKTARTS

Fortnite Weeb

As long as your 4 food groups are equally distributed meat is not as unhealthy as people who eat meat a lot

Jacob Nedved


Tommy TF2

oh great referings to chense cartoons




My brother and I found a 2nd Johnny Klebitz easter egg: Black and white: well I have better camera angles and a better story.

White 사탄

Was hunting for this video this was first of your videos that i watched

Irina Goltzman

Hi to lOw


Was garret kicked out of dude perfect???

Steven DiGiorno

Dude perfect in space, there's an idea, thumbs up if you want to see it happen.

Not a big easter egg, but still something.

Carson Allard

Agent 007, the biggest savage in movie history.

Pro_ Gaming_aj

Lol that end part though


I wonder what would happen if u shoot the heart in that Statue of happiness? o.O


All the viewers: No way Cody will first shot thisCody:I'm about to end this man's whole career

Lawrence Abregana

One dollar whenever anyone or I think or said I was ugly. I would be RICH, if only...


i'd probably be the anxious type (:


Do you finish all the games you show in the videos? :D

Beast Bros

And I’m team ty

- aseashelly

tbh I wasn’t super thrilled when Disney announced a sequel to frozen (because disney sequels can be really hit or miss...well, mostly miss. remember all those direct to dvd sequels from the 90’s?) But I have to admit, this preview looks absolutely stunning. it looks more mature than the first film. I have complete body chills. Not to jump to conclusions but Disney might have created a masterpiece. Idk, I have a really good feeling about this.


No hate but a woman spends about 10 years on their period. We have it about 500 times. And each time 6 days (ca. Some only have it for 3 days and others 7-8 days) and 6x500 = 3000 = 10 years.

Gerade dann, wenn es deutlich preiswerter als anderes Fleisch wird! Nach Marktetablierung würde das ganze sicher deutlich kostengünstiger produziert werden können (weniger Futteraufwand, sowie ungewöhnliche und anspruchslose Haltungsräume möglich).

Texans12012 Fortnite

How did white win first

Yeet zus

Why is the channel's name " MinuteVideos " when this video is 7 minutes long?

indy ginny

I spent 10 mins listening to theme song over and over again


The story of nike