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How to save up money easily for a house or for a new car? Learn a genius hack on how to save more money each month. As a bonus, we'll tell teach you how to safely hide your cash."If only I could stop spending money on stuff I don’t need, I would buy so many useful things!" Have you ever thought this? Then this video is just for you. RULE 1: Subtract the last digit from each number to get a zero at the end. It’s easier to “zero out” cash into a piggy bank, and you may use a savings account or any other bank account to transfer the money from your card.RULE 2: Save everything that’s left over before payday — "zero out" one more time at the end of the month. For instance, you still have $300 in cash and $1,000 in the bank — just move it to your savings account.TIMESTAMPS«Zero out» your money every evening 0:31Move any unspent money to your saving account 1:46What are the advantages of this simple method? 2:05The worst places to hide your cash: In the backyard 2:41Under your mattress 2:58In shopping bags 3:13In old wallets and handbags 3:27In laundry baskets 3:40Behind a picture or photo in a frame 3:58In safes that are not bolted down 4:13In drawers and cabinets 4:34Where to hide your money 4:53SUMMARYIf you feel like you have run out of places to hide your money, try the following suggestions:• Wrap your money in a plastic bag, and tape it to the bottom of the kitchen counter or to the bottom of your kid’s toy box (the best option is to create a false bottom in it).• In a waterproof container stored in the lowest drawer of your refrigerator or freezer. Make sure it doesn’t read "Ice cream" or something else yummy thieves might want to try.• Hide your savings among buttons, threads, and other sewing accessories. Unless thieves suddenly need to sew something, they most probably won’t look for your money in there.• In a pair of old shoes, clothes, or maybe in an old computer that no longer works. Make sure it all looks like junk you have not disposed of yet.Subscribe to Bright Side : Social Media:Facebook: Youtube: Crafts Youtube: more videos and articles visit:


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