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That was a team battle so there should have been consequences.

Sami Breeden



11:25 Master chief has joined the chat

Drink bleach and die

I think I am not really an introvert, but I can never start conversations with people. If they make the 1st move, then I am more than free to talk with them. I'm never loud, never seek people's attention and just wanna be unnoticed mostly, still somewhere inside my mind I want all the attention to myself 😂

Le Waterbender Ninja

Fake You know what that means...

Smiley Nicole

Doctor looked so annoyed 😅 and he seemed like he didn’t care get a new OB shyla!

Snowball The cute kitten

How do you know about your bullies dreams....?

Stathis Vafiadis

Dude perfect are the best

Jake Rowland



I love this video, but just for future reference you should say "parent/guardian" instead of "mom and dad."

Rick Graal classic

This is fake, is impossible

Ginny Smith

I know this sounds negligent, and rude considering the circumstances of this video, but.... all my friends are jealous that I have a smallish stomach and big..... upper assets, and thick thighs and a thick booty.... lol


"Everything is political"

DR1P_ Aquá

Not a hater

Carlo Bautista

I thought dp was dak prescott

Happy Easter y’all!

im Nayeon

2M de suscriptores AAAAH

Supreme Being

This always makes me giggle when we sitting here talking about a 27 point perfromance is disappointing in this era....Steph is just an offensive player....Zero defense so what are we talking here? As much as we D-ride the Warriors...the fact is the rest of the league has gotten better year after year.

Shift P

I wish I could have gone to her school and bullied her too lmfao

Euan Brown

team# big dog

Katie Marsh

The only good thing at Texas Roadhouse is the bread.