Beyonce surprises students - Let's Move! Flash Workout for New York City

Beyonce surprises students atPS/MS 161 Don Pedro Albizu Campus, to perform alongside them to the Official Lets Move! Flash Workout for New York City.


E3 is trash. Only people paid to go get hyped about it. Which I understand. It's been getting worse and worse every year. That's why so many companies bail out of it.


It's okay with who you are, people are born like that it's not a weird choice. Try dressing like a woman again, it might feel good. I'm a girl that likes guy stuff and I'm fine with it.

Pum Egér #Greener

At 13:56 that was Hungarian

Afeef Adnan


Yulia Yasmin Leyva

Loved it ❤❤❤ the birthday surprise was sooo sweet

Andrew Martin

But was the shoe okay?


There's another one that should be in here:

ugnies vilkas

when you see this guy whit cards stay aay from him hes dangerous

Panda Xkills

Guru kid you awesome sumbitch, great video!

Cutie Patootie Films

2+2 is 4 minus 1 that’s 3 quit math!

Alex Zalozeckij

I like basketball, it's amazing

Pyrowolf GT

Cobywon the F.E.D.P.G?B. I think that’s it first ever dude perfect game battle


You call them easter eggs, I call them Subliminal messages!

gaming with kai jailbreak



Same sounds in the beginning from cinema sins

Pauly Shore

So glad those eggs aren't brought to you by Smellovision.

EeveeGirl :3

Guys you guys are just saying in the comments I'm DePresSed but you guys are just trying to say you have it just in THIS VIDEO. Have you guys even experienced it have you had a friend and your profile pictures and videos look pretty happy and your playlists are as happy as mine stop saying I KnEw iT I HaVE dEPrESsION.... Just stop


pixar's A113 is gravity falls 618


I no longer have panic attacks i used to have a lot and anxiety too i smoked pot for a year nonstop and quit for almost 5 months now i dont have that panic disorder just a little anxiety

Gavin Leonard


Ryan Taylor

Tbh you can’t walk the trigger or butterfly it

Commander Mittens101

What’s coincidental (and/or creepy) is that my name is Ella 0_0

Trần Hoàng

Thank you so much as i'm about to graduate

Sean Donahue

For honor represent!!!

Use Some Pain Killers.

Owen L

Make a lacrosse trick shot 2

Leaha Townsend

The bro-let’s play our secret game


@mthorsen02 his clothes arent try you moron, look at how dirty his shorts are compared to other shots from earlier in the video, look at all the dirt on the tables and the paths from the rollerblades through them, look at the guy on the 4 wheeler, in the first clip he has a pink hat on, in the rest of the clips there's no pink hat, did it just vanish? this took numerous tries to make, they've even said so on their facebook pages that it takes them a bunch of tries to make shots.

Sisa Official

Y'all forgot to put Tory in this.


i saw that funwithguru! 2:07 dj khaled

christina lucero

And I love your easter eggs


Wait so she is the one who get hit or what did she dead what happened ?



They both should die in hell

Derp _

I beat it’s Kim jong un lol

Master Orochimaru

And still a Barbarian just costs 1 Elixir!