Bodak yellow lyrics song

kellie hindsman

It’s aaron

AESHMA music


Cam Colvin

I’m joining team coby


L' Algérienne

I don't care she's a bitch

Airth M

Or maybe instead, the United States could actual face the issue of climate change instead of creating short term solutions?



The assassins creed easter egg was probably a thanks for featuring a metal gear outfit in ac brotherhood

Pusheen The best

I have a question!! Do you love your parents or hate the world!!

Veena Sinha

Omg I am gonna faint So gooooood


The dolphins should draft him

Chim Richalds

Frank would be proud

Ari Wenger

ive only really started listening to twice after their fancy comeback but i hope jihyo fucking steps on me and crushes all my fingers

Cashel McElhatton


Huma Usman

i'm still waiting for Cody's woo tho

kujtim breti


Morgan James

Whats a bracket?Please like and comment!

Roberto Serrano

You guys should do a video with fidget spinner's

Owen L

a day after my birthday in 2018

campbell horning

panda is every dude perfect person


Must be black.

carileigh eason

My birthday is march 16


Pretty sure these guys shit all over you... /watch?v=L_YR0749-h4

Jun Fukushima: heh