Cardi B ''Money'' Official Music Video REACTION!! Jaz & Alex

Jaz & Alex reacting to Cardi B ''Money''shoutout to @KamoniSincere for the intro/outro!!!jasmine's youtube channel: youtube channel:socialsinstragram: @jazarguetasnapchat: @jazdrizzytwitter: @_jazdrizzyalex's socialsinstagram: @killa_smoovsnapchat: sir_longlegstwitter:

Edward Tan

Maybe that’s how birkini bottem was made lol

Boltmadden101 Gaming

In St. Louis they sucked

•Itz Too Mintii•

Your voice is so beautiful and calming

Night Shadow

Is there a rage monster in every episode?

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer

I hope too,Well have fun searching in gta 5 when you'll get it :D

DeathShot Oium

or ball it


I cant even imagine the times that those guys tried to do this.


The giant squid (Kraken) from Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag

ĶøŦä ĢøĐ




Wade Dunbar

why don't you tell a egg a joke it will crack up

David Bade

18 backflips

Sylvia Hall

My favorite part of the video was when tanner was being an idiot and popped the balloon with water in it

Spartan playz

Vid :I’m the richest man in the world

Wolf Hound

I go to this field

snicerz_cookies YT

stupid ads

Savi crafts

Is this normal to feel like this every day??


If only the gameplay was like this.


Where the fuck are there trick shots??? This was only an interview video.