Cardi B - Drip (Instrumental) [Reprod. Bus Ryda] ft. Migos

Cardi B - Drip (Instrumental) [ReProd. Bus Ryda] ft. MigosThis is a recreation of the producers work using samples from the song along with my own drums and melodies.*Anyone can use this instrumental FOR FREE, All you have to do is give me credit for the remake.*💰 Download Link ▸ Subscribe today! New beats every week!▸ TUNED FOR MORE INSTRUMENTAL REMAKES! ✉️ Email:🌐 Website: Follow Me:▸Instagram: Genre Playlists:▸RAP/TRAP Beats: Beats: Bus Ryda Beats. All music produced by Bus Ryda.

Me : wtf dude

Donovan Shelton

Dude perfect I love them so much


Andrew Morin

Race win some dirt bikes😎

Jacob Chapa


•Invyyy Ariänä•

Sis if he was repeatedly asking for nudes you should’ve just broke up with him and blocked him🤦🏽‍♀️

Jotaro Kujo

4:53 Kratoooss SPARTAN RAGE!!

Kund Balint

The life of Lex Luthor.

squeaker says

He did dab 29:10

juan ignacio Rojas



That last one seemed a bit dodgy

Cristina Margulescu

I'm good at math, english and sports but how i am in an nother land.I'm Romanian and i moved in german at 9 years at 10 years my perents wanted me to be perfect and comparing me to others or yelling at me that i wasent good enough or that i need to learn more like 9-10 hours of school wasent enough.I wasp good enough my english grade was:A(10) math grade:8-9-10(A-B) sport grade:9-8 (B) and at geram only after a year i was better but still not good enough my grade was:7-6-8(C-D).

Super 🐧

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Jeryl Song



Привет я в 2018


what was the song used in the jc3 portion


But the pirates who stole the package leaving in the door

Joyson Martinez

Wait your in lvl 69 w/ only 1400 WTF?

Eric Martindale

I have the same face mask as Cory

Brianna Dorsey

Ty's last dunk

Nathan Culli

There were 6 people? Whos the 6 th? I know Garr, Ty, Cods, Cobs, Cor but who was that?

Perseus Attroix

Holy shit, RDR is my favorite too!

Alexis Sandoval

Guru keep doing what you are doing I love easter eggs and a lot of references of this stuff. The people who hate you are just stupid you are the boss. Don't stop making these kind of vids. :D

Paolo Chavez

Mate good as always!❤️🙏🏻

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im travis

I like panda ambudh

E&E Sisters To Be

the one in the middle is 😭😭😍

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Bigboi Pigeon

Firt commend ?. english please

BeastBoi YT

so happy I dont live in new York but I feel bad if any person dies

Chloe Chuppa

Why do you have a phone at 8 lol