Cardi B Drops Into a Split After Performing “Money”

Cardi B performs “Money” at the 2018 WGCI Big Jam In Chicago.Visit us at & Subscribe and follow us on IG: @chifuzion, Twitter: @chi_fuzion, FB & SC: @CHI-Fuzion for the latest in entertainment!


Yas that’s a determined Spirit!!!! TTwTT

Sophie Harold

I love you guys!

Emily Masse

You said that your family did not like you now you say you have a brother and brother and a dad that doesn’t make sense ok

VideoBakery Films

That soundtrack sounds really good

Prem Sai Swaroop

Try out all sports cricket battle...😎😎😎

The Bronx Bomber 6849


Besta Sertp

The nuke town arcade Easter egg is not fake

John Seehorn

Go Dallas cowboys

levi anderson


Genesis Samayoa

Dude you guys are awesome great videos


Homicidal girl learns asmr, painting. The end

Neelu Sah

When this update come

Bonkey Dong

Your videos are so cool in 60fps!

Shaquille Oatmeal

Just watched it for dale jr.


I know people are making fun of her only caring about her hair and I know, but imagine actually losing all that beautiful hair... Cancer is rough I've lost family too it. But dont make fun of her for losing her best and beautiful feature. Just actually imagine losing all your hair.. 🤨

therealdragonboy2923 tube

Im the hunter guy

Zena Perrin

OMG that was brill

Will Hendrix


Star Scraper

Well yo mom is sexist

Blaine A. Dedam

I'm actually surprised that Blizzard haven't referenced any of their own games yet in this game. Like Starcraft, Hearthstone, Diablo, or Overwatch.

MMN Legend

Whose watching this in 2019 cuz they ran out of stuff to watch on u tube

Джасей Дуэйн

I just now realized that he can just throw a card in the switch and go to sleep)))

Sherone Peters

Nice we get see Gohan BEFORE he was nerfed :)

Dinger Mountain


Alex Pedroza

00:53..well that escalated quickly



Dudu Fabian

This Minecraft server is called RealLife 22 years of playing australiandude263 hit the ground too hard

CoBaseball 07



the ECID boxes are in battlefield 3 aswell


How can I get a dp shirt

Ernad Coragic

He guessed a beaver but couldn’t guess checkers I am so disappointed

Samantha The QUEEN


The_LazyGamer _

I’m not being rude but Garett looks depressed sometimes

Naaz Neil

OMG I can feel this moment. May such moment come in my life also. Wow winning moment has a different feeling.

Golden Lion39

Did anyone else notice at 3:29 what he was clutching? I mean c'mon animators

Muhammad Alkausar



So technically.

Jasmine Cash

King Cody


Germany Germany! :D

PhilliP YouTube Nguyen


lewis huysmans

You forgot two really good ones: MGS peace walker in a mission when you can find a spot on top of a building. below is a hay pile which you can jump into accompanied by an eagle scream. this is a reference to Assassins creed.


Is this Thai or Cambodian? The music looks like Khmer and the outfits I am Cambodian

Camdyn Perry


DuhItz_ Freya

Owen is literally a better bottle flipper than me! 😂😘


Disagreeing opinions are okay when it comes to things like favourite ice-cream flavour, not when it comes to if LGBT+ people being allowed to exist. It makes me so uncomfortable how the video is trying to paint the main character as a completely innocent victim in this situation. People like her should NOT be coddled for having toxic and harmful values.

Pink Robot Army

#2 is horrifying, holy shit.

Activist Amelia

do they share that house


This whole video is just, gross.

Esaukan Canales

At last motherfuckers!!!


Subtitles could be better. Don't let 7 year olds make them.

umer choudhry

1% r 67% of people in the comment section claiming 2 be a physopath

Cinnamon Eyster

Cool gar

ENG Starz

Rudy and lele already made futuristic vids


I think Ty has rigged the Wheel Unfortunate game.

Zack Hunter

Try making a shot across the Grand Canyon

1. Every time I post a video with MLP in it, I'm asked if I'm a Brony. Short answer: nah dude. It just has some pretty cool references.

LilBeamer Official

I heard the face is meant to be Jesse pink man from Breaking bad

Horia Bogdan Slavoiu

28th like


i only found out what lucky charms was when i was 12 cuz i live in ireland

Sushant Rai

Plz make a video on cricket

Hannah Stratton

You should show us all your products and your merch! Mainly for the new people but also just for fun. These are amazing!

Ashi_ loser

I am anorexic but I eat nothing my friends are now forcing me to eat I'm 13 I get groups of 15-16 yearold girls calling me fat and no I weight 4'4 st (61.6 lb)




wow i actualy loled at this