Cardi B - Money - Dance Choreography !

WHAT'S POPPING T-SQUAD !!The Mukasa Sisters are back it again with another lit dance video !Don't forget to subscribe , Like , Comment if you enjoyed our Afro Beat Cardi B- Money !Instagram : @Mukasa.Sisters Instagram: tina_mukasaInstagram :neema_mukasa

Kinming Wong

Love your videos, @FunWithGuru U point easter eggs that I have never noticed before in video games and movies. Do you think u can do recent ones like Batman Arkham Knight, Avengers Age of Ultron (Movie), etc?

also we better get a dolphin Pokémon

Rosie Deacon

"I know you're probably rolling your eyes at the cheese choice..." I would be if I wasn't wrinkling my nose at the mustard.

Paxton Main

Giant golf

Lolo Glamx

Why do all the voices that narrate these stories all sound the same like I feel like the stories are fake but go ahead DELETE MY COMMENT I GUESS..... they’re realistic things that can happen but honestly are just made up events... there’s even proof that these stories are very fake even YouTube vids to prove it.... honestly if you’re gonna do story’s make them actual real events and if they are fake just state the fact that they are and that these story’s are based off of realistic events that could occur in real life but honestly I think Minute Videos and Actually Happened are very fake I’m just gonna stick to the original and real Storybooth if nobody knows what’s story booth is all I can say is there stories are at least real and not fake AT ALL my proof is .... considering that fact they have different people that actually experienced it narrate their own story and not people acting to be real people with acting to have real stories be honest if your stories are fake or not but you guys are just in for the money atleast story booth is real you guys are just the fake wannabe’s sorry to say

Norm Tashe

“L’incon’s not even on the penny” “what America did you grow up In” (scans coin thoroughly) thinks in mind ( welp )

Will Stone

1st comment go me!

the honest one

wow this kinda sounds like me...

Yussef Yuzi

i LMAO at the game review

Ömer Selim Öztürk

2018 ım TURKEY

Crabby Crab

When you basically hated the first one but want to see the second one

But he just stopped talking to me.

Karen Jimenez

11 shirts,

Thex Left

Good thing I saw this. Was about to download it onto my psp. I'll wait for this remaster now.

Tony Ferro

This was back when they didn't have pound it and noggin


Me- he has cat!

Brian Draney

This is different from the time Roger Moore got lost on a crocodile farm, or when Sean Connery was almost killed by a tarantula in his bed. It's a good thing they don't have spiders on any alligator farms, because the big bully reptiles might eat the little pipsqueak arachnids alive.

Natalija Kupcane

So... they determined it's Ty...

Rachel Mackinnon

Team coby like if u agree

brody Horner

I was watching a how ridiculous video I forget which one but they shouted out to the purple hosier


Wait... you think this is fake? have you not watched any of their videos this is what they do why would they fake it, shit. Stop Hatin!! LOL

The female one.

Mr Spiff

Skip fails to mention that this is not the same team that swept Portland. Klay and Looney got banged up in game 2, which the Warriors won and both couldn’t play in game 3. Iggy has been hobbled all series. And the Iggy 3-pointer that won game 2 put the Warriors up by 5 and wasn’t exactly the game winning shot as they were up by 2 at that point. BS analysis for clicks. All this with KD, their best scorer out.

It's The King The King of Kings

Detroit should

Jesse Galarneau


Rubina Gaffar

Give a like for Cory's luck or fortune

Snub Nose

Please make a video about cod BO2 Alcatraz Easter egg hunt

james hayes

Team Cory all the way



Wolfpack Is a beast

Can you do another madden stereotype, but madden 19

Flori J

dat Panda :D

b.4 You plz

Plz guys sent me a t-shirt guts plz of dude perfectyour fan

Natasha Najiah


Master Gamer

2019 only me ok

Christian Maynard

Hurricane rolls in.



Ibad Malik

Mr. Beast: first person to lose gets 50k.

Katherine Gray

Y’all should do trick shots with Steph curry


U guys forgot the discounter


Where's Garett



Roscoe Draws

Bully *BŁËĘP* ing

Chandler becomes jesus

Hangman official

its Jack and Dexter,BTW.

Hisham Habli

I bet it was $25,000 as well


I prefer Outback myself, but you have to account for value. I am pretty sure Outback is also more expensive

From Laos 🇱🇦

Big Daddy bobbo

lol those secret conversations were funny c:

Zap Gun

I have to say, over time your videos have improved more and more on all fronts. In this video in particular, it stood out that your research is on-point and you've made a huge effort to view the topic at hand from every angle you could, before drawing any conclusions. In some cases, you've even explained that drawing a conclusion is impossible to do with a satisfactory degree of certainty and why, and therefore it is up to the viewer to decide for themselves.


Pretty sure these guys shit all over you... /watch?v=L_YR0749-h4

Jennifer Hollingsworth

Are you really sunburnt