Cardi B - Money - Dance Choreography !

WHAT'S POPPING T-SQUAD !!The Mukasa Sisters are back it again with another lit dance video !Don't forget to subscribe , Like , Comment if you enjoyed our Afro Beat Cardi B- Money !Instagram : @Mukasa.Sisters Instagram: tina_mukasaInstagram :neema_mukasa


Plot twist: She got preggy at the end. BUT WITH ANOTHER MANS

Me:Are they filipino's😅 i think they are.....

Sandzhar Tlepin

Funny easter eggs


Is it bad that I knew it was Elon Musk at 0:06?


I read your message at the end, and I've always enjoyed your videos, even if they've been kinda lack luster because the game had nothing to it. I hope you're doing alright, and I hope you continue to keep up the videos for a long time. You're my #1 source for Easter Egg videos and it would be sad to see you go. Have a great day/week/month/year/life!


2:38 i walked right passed it...


I was hoping the 10 Million Point Shot would be one of them getting a basket while the plane was high in the air.

Sophie Tresidder

Title: Alcoholism in childrens eyes


I actually went through the same story but I was the one bullied, and it was alot more pain than this....

The warriors aren't playing defense without KD that's the main difference, he's playing with Green, Iggy, Looney theres no shooting on the floor and the warriors cant go small without KD in the back blocking shots, Toronto is having Gasol set the screens drawing Green up to the 3pt line and Curry as the shot blocker thats the main difference


gta v pls :(

catslife12 /

That should me his nickname

. 4.become a millionaire I

ـسكارت ム .


Darius Rubik

So cool!

Anthony Gaddy

Do the Austonian! It is here in Austin! BTW It is 700 ft. tall!


no lol

Hunter69 yt

If you broke up god knows its not your destiny to be with him. Or if he did his tine came and god wanted him back but hes still with you

Kawena Lenchanko

Probably the worst rage monster of all em

when i'm at school, i want to die.

Whisperfox 784

That is y i told myself i will nevr have a bf

Mettin Kaytaz

Will this be co released on the Wii U?

Keegan McCall

Cubs for Life!!!

Octavia Furtuna

I ♥ you Panda .


The Rage Monster


Lionel Messi plss



Edit here th3 link

haziq firzanah


Jason Stevens

cool man


6:15 i thought they were holding hands

Senpai Bakeneko

All a gold digger is a hooker that sleeps in your house.

Ron Karp

Cody shave your beard

HIGH Midnight

wendys beef isnt fresh its actually frozen

Logan Caitlin

I like you guys