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Paula Cervantes

Take Time to Heal 💖☁️ i know how it feels to have PTSD

video unstoppable

What makes uall perfect.....🤔

Brad Larkins

You got the ring stuff

Jacob Dubon



Old women in ghibli movies always look the same

Param Thakkar

Watching this on 12th March, 2019.


Once again impressed with your work I love how you show a video of what the Easter egg is from keep up the good work!

Macy Reyez

But why didnt the tower collapse like it did in 9/11??

Meme Mane

Where is the child in all of this.

Pikachu gaming Stevens

The noob

M.O.T.B Nero M.O.T.B

Delta is the best airline ever there Has neverhad anything happen to them

Noe Garci


blak femerkik


Dogs or cats?

Sydney Animations

Man, I remember that terrible stench in that stomach! It smelt like garbage!

Danijela Grkovic

You are nad friend and telling ous how you are "sorry" isn't going to help you to get more friends put yourself in her situation and watch how ebery body is rude to you!!!!

That’s how old you are in five years 🤔🤯🤔🤯

jess thesimpleman

You guys do know when the water is colored there is a rock in the bottle so it can land right

trick shot kids


The Boy

do infamous second son

Miranda Virginia

23 bounces

Laura B.

Sam, I've always loved to cook but have found myself in a serious rut recently. I started watching your videos and have found my creative cooking side again. I was raised to not necessarily following recipes to the letter so your cooking definitely resonates with me. Thank you for being you and inspiring all of us! :)

Gavin Thompson

You know when she said her grades had dropped well I noticed she got an a-

VR Knabe

The shiskabob swisher

thunderbolt yes 1003no

New member for dude perfect

Poop Tube

Hover board trick shots

anis Algie


3 gta sa

J. seppälä

If you find more easter eggs in this game, are you gona make other episode or minisode

Spong3bob P4trick

I Hope Coby will win one more it will emotional like if u agree

Nick Morzella

Running From The Scene


LOL! I love this! Congrats on 400K and We will all do our best to help you achieve another goal of yours (500K)! :)

Farhan Chowdhury

Pennywise dance

devin elguezabal

OMG it is epic i have it

By the way, I'm pretty sure I saw again the Lost Ark in an another Tomb Raider.

samer alghawi

اللهم صل و سلم على محمد عليه الصلاة و السلام😌😌😌😌😌

QUINN Brooks

they are the best trick shooters

Anyway I enjoyed the second story more. The introverted Jaiden making social observations comedic is always my favorite kind of video from her. Which is probably why it was the thumbnail.


Holy shit the ending is hilarious

Edward Planeta


IrregularMystery 2349

When u said South afrika I felt like crying cos I no like nobody who's from SA and now it's one of the richest people in the world


sheesh what a bitch