Chris Brown - No Guidance (Lyrics) Ft. Drake

#ChrisBrown #NoGuidance #Drake"No Guidance" out now!

Joe Gonzales

water looks so clear

Sophia Muffins

“Later, we had our fourth daughter”

Margaret Nulman

kristin is the only person ive ever seen over the age of 8 that can pull off crocs

Keep up the good work.

PeterTheGamer 246

1:30 look at the money or something

Light Yagami

Rick and morty

Luis A Vera

11:45 he could choke

Jesus Shuttlesworth

"I want full credit for Kawhi if he shuts down KD in Game 5"....Max you're dumbass. KD shouldn't even play the finals because not only he would come at 20-50% of his best but he would risk an injury and in fact he got injured this game. The title is so wrong.

Fkn Poser

what was your first video ?

Home boys

Is there anymore types?


1980 doesent work help

Vadim Denchik

thats great


If she misses a trick shot will she call it out for racism?


It’s released on my birthday 😇


Already crying and I’m only 37 seconds into the video 💀


@GuruKidHD ya, at least i think so, survival mode on crushing, in the chateu, u know how in portal the companion cubes have the hearts on them?

gael Huchin cruz

Me encanta

And if someone calls yiu fat they’re probably broken too, just give em a wack with yer hammer

Ley-Ley YT!!!!!

Cody looks like an alien without eyebrows xD

Anabelle Poirier


Makaio Kahawai

Cory or coby dropped the ball in the beginning


What does he use to edit?

michaela burkhardt

awesome I never get tired of watching you guys (I love you all)

Kole Goodie

On the 3rd level egg drop there is already eggon the ground look at 2:54


can i have that Miami Dolphins hat.

Oh no