Clean HipHop 2019 Video Mix (Hip Hop, Rap, Post Malone, Travis Scott, Drake, Cardi B, XXXTentacion)

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10. Weird guy who eats banana in corner (not real)

Robin Turner

minecraft !😮



Nolan Barmann

Cody will lose cuz he stinks

[Chorus: Drake, Chris Brown & Both]


Please do more guess who? videos... please

Micila Micillotto

Well, the ending explains perfectly what's happen to me. Why did DICE do that to us??? I'm hearing someone screaming GUILTY somewhere.

Jack Wilker

Mow Bamba

Android Gameplay And Tech

Hello mr beast m ur grt fan can u help me with some money plzz i really need?

Paper doll QUEEN

South Africa yassss

Money or do something as you the host wouldn’t be ok with try your best to keep around positive triggers also there’s a YouTuber called DissociaDID she has a lot of good information an a lot of help for people with DID cause she has it herself you get to meet her alters an learn more about it from anouther person not just a book or computer but from a person bye! ^^

Teagan Springer

This guy is around the age 65 and why he sounds like he's 20?

Rachel Swank

I was wondering where that flower was.

Arianna The DJ

Oh my, sadly I can completely relate. My sister had appendicitis and luckily she had made it. I can’t imagine how it must have felt losing her so this video really hit me.

Blastinflyr TGC

Use this as a get better Nathan button

Hazel Nut

When Disney princesses become frickin BADASSES

D Flora

Fallout New Vegas has a ton of movie references but it has a reference to the movie where the two girls drive the car off the cliff. you find a car at the bottom of a cliff with two skeletons with their names

YasZedu TMoF

guess he likes beating his meat

Eri Pena

I didn't get the Justice League one


I think you should go to a girl doctor just because they're more understanding and patient and they love answering all the questions and btw I was told you CANNOT jump when early on because the umbilical cord could wrap around the babys neck. Not tryna scare you just what I've always been told!

Gabriel Gandareta

This reminds me of my grandmother that died in valentines day and that was very sad because she is the only one that could make me happy

kausar anjum

This guy was full of positive energy which shows in the whole auditorium every single person sitting out there including the judges they get energized with the performance of this guy... Superb👍👍👍👍👍

freddy 123

'Can't afford popcorn Gang' where yall at?

It’s me panda

I’m the sunlight guy lol

Me: So what?

Dotty and Freckles Amazing Adventure

I'm so sorry!

Nibbachu The Pokémon

Life and money should not be equal! 😭😭😭

X9 aqua

Dose anybody know who panda is under that suit like if you do

Danial Naghi


Sarah Clevenger

Only yelling part😁

Cupid X Atkins

number 1 is better than 2

Also no matter how many times I watch the Jango clip I don't see him hitting his head... It looks like he just ducks...

Patrick is Awesome



I taught ur dads


Ok... Now everyone's jumping on the Tijuana piranhas' bandwagon...

3rd trending italy

dragon fish


only gassie



This story is so sad... my opinion is that open relationships are NOT acceptable. When you marry, you are meant to only be with one person. That's the POINT of marriage. No matter if you're okay with you're partner cheating on you or not, it's still cheating. It's even worse to be in an open marriage and have children. That really messes with kids to see their parents loving on everybody but each other. I'm not saying that people in open marriages are BAD, I'm saying open marriages themselves aren't right. I can already tell I'm gonna get hate but the fact that this open marriage story had a happy ending kinda made me sad.


yay something about polish


Hey for the GTA "Jock" ghost, what if you stand on the spot that the ghost spawned exactly at 11pm? Will the ghost still spawn there?

chris marti

i hate it when ty wins


I love the monster factory references

Khush Shroff


Jennifer Wortman


Harrison Scalf

You need one of those ifly things

Yeet master 23

Fake 3 minute challenge no

193 seoul

we’re about to reach 4M vi3ws today pls im so proud 🥺🥺🥺


remember that pain in the ass trying to jump directly on that liberty statue?


I just saw his snapchat story and I am just completely heartbroken. Jeffree you probably won't even see this but if you do, I want you to know that we love you and you can take as much time as you need. My heart goes out to you and your family and you're all in my prayers.

Trisha collamar

I'm a 'WOMAN' living as a 'MAN' Perfect


Dude Perfect vs How Ridiculous.Now THAT would be entertaining.

Zehra Feyzoglu

Milyonlarda görüşürüz 🇹🇷🇹🇷

Levi Jones

pinnocio 2 seconds


In my opinion, lots of people would like you to make a video on how to throw with more accuracy. Like you? Maybe not.

Jolëne C.

going to ✈️ sleep

Xx EzzBoisS

I’m watching this in 3014


What about 2 sausages some times?

Ross Care

Dude this video is really put together well. Great job.

GamerGeek Inc.

I'm glad Alex learned from that. I'm also glad you said no. Saying no can save you from a lot of emotional trauma. It might have hurt after saying no but it would have hurt a lot more to consent even though it wouldn't really be ok with you.