Connan Mockasin live @ Sundae Sessions (Full Concert)

Filmed in Auckland, New Zealand, April 2015.All rights reserved for who has it.- Why are you criyng?06:25 - It´s your body 110:43 - Do i make you fell shy?16:55 - I´m the man that will find you23:00 - Forever dolphin love41:10 - I wanna roll with you47:34 - It´s choade, my dear51:47 - Megumy the milkyway above59:55 - While my guitar gently weeps (Beatles cover with his father Abe)Enjoy it.


Poland 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱


Miss Fuckface

You said you could not stop looking at her, yet your not looking at her.........

Abdurrahman Son

So, whydon't you win the world cup of basketball?

ack oof owie ouch

:D THE GIANT CHICKEN AND MR. TOOTS! XD oh gawd i love those Easter eggs!


what's the song name of Rayman? -


were tf is the merch at though

Fede Miranda

Yes panda🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼

Arnau Hernandez

I wanna be with you guys someday

Guigus 2

Look sold photos

Mauri QHD

"an actor that can do it all" Both men are incredibly dignified and took both the win/loss graciously

kenz covers music

Anyone else notice how at like 3 mins when Garrett threw the ball over the wall when in went in it bounced up and went in the opposite way😁

Victor James

Feels like it's running off nostalgia

Edward Kenway

I like how Guru always ends his video on a happy note.

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Is this song on spotify

Basant Basim

This story broke my heart

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can someone help me to find the three tedde bears


Itz crizpy’s Revenge

Dude perfect head quarters



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You are my friends

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diamond had the best life any dog could ask for and you should be proud<3 sorry for your loss doll

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This man should be our PRESIDENT!

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Loved the last clip.

axl mandala gunawan


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Your editing is really impressive...


You know there's this other Easter egg in there, me and my friends figured it out. The easter egg is based off the Trailer for Dead Island . . . What you do is when you first wake up in the hotel walk out of the room but besides of going left go right. Then there will be a room with a broken door and two dead bodys that look like the people from the trailer holding hands and an axe in the middle of them.

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coole filmpjes

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you guys are awesome

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Oh yeah yeh


Family: We are finally getting happy!

100 subs with no videos

Hi random person scrolling down the comments!

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hello viewers can u subcribe my youtube channel its "Kidz Perfect" thank you so much!!


Twin tower

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I think if I had a pixie in my heart the only reason it could dies is because of one pickle i ate without buying a hot dog to put it on. Yup my pixie died because of a pickle

Respect yo

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I knew from the beggining that she was J.k Rowling 💕

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Mooreee 😍😍❤️

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Thelma Mlati


Mr excuses

one way road

How can he be in college if he was born in 02? The guy is a junior in high school

Cheryl Land

i loved the howl's moving castle edition, but it made me think of how silky christian bale's voice is in the american version. if you're making another one, could you include some of his dialogue from that movie? maybe include other movies he's in, like american psycho.

Mister Judge

1:05 Now that's what i call woman.

Patrick Harrison

Good guy guru, putting in jumpscare warnings :D

Karan Singh

Great editing. Thanks for taking the time. The Last of Us was an adventure. The next chapter will be a journey for us all.



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OOo Mr. bean Mr. bean dude perfect

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watching 2016 peaple

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please make a michael from guiness edition!!!

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Anyone 2019 it been a long time lol