Coreanos Reaccionan Musica latina | Anitta & J Balvin-Downtown (Official Music Video)

#Anitta #JBalvinCoreanos Reaccionan Musica latina | Anitta & J Balvin-Downtown (Official Music Video)korea soul : blue shirt guy)


30 hours!!!!!!! :)

Jack Danks

Tht portal secret is use server commans to do it

Scary music plays.

Jack Thompson


Erica _DaSavage

Wow look how far they’ve come 👀👌🏾😊

Harry Parker

staff morale i n c r e a s e d ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Avriana Medina

I ship them IDK why

Army Jiminy

Minute Videos : My step mom is my real mom

Jacob DeShields


aidan steward

EPICdude perfect IS best

C Chopin

The kid/baby was so cute


is this Carolyn kopp


Its ain't the same one.


Hymie Betesh

you should do a hockey stereotypes vidio

Bad Bunny baby, bebe

Jonathan hall

That dancing tho


I can relate a lot to these looks inside underpants

Caleb Masch

Ty, why do you always refer to yourself in the third person?

James Games

I've told my parents and every time they get mad at me, punishing me. What do I do now? I've already seen professional help. And ending my life is one of my easiest choices.


I didn’t sign a permission slip for this feels trip :(

The Zachvolt

Far Cry 4: 15 hours to complete.

Elimatra Shadow

i think yes >*-*< the third world war will beome true soon :(

The Raspberry

One of the best!!

Hoshiko AJPW: Moved to PW

We have a chihuahua rat terrier mix named Marley! He is 2 and man does he own up to his name lol

Savage Kid

Anyone watching over in 2017

Brooke Kellenberger

I love your channel I need a new basketball


Are you guys LDS?

Danica Custer

One call away??

mgl wulf

Do The TV Show Easter Eggs Of Friends Please

Mikey Johnson

Lord of the rings

[Daniel] Xnabber

Cod ghosts please!

florimont h

1:27 ^_^

A Hexagonian

That could actually be a good scene if it were to be in the movie

Joshua McKeta

Ty looks like uncle drew

Xander Vin Collin Lie

50% of the boys in my grade are bullies so... I can't stand up to them because everyone likes them and I can't change that

Hockey Junkie

Nice shorts paul

Eren Gallegos

Hahaha TJ. Pirañas😂🤭

👖 👖

Kane Lucero

Lets break the record. Elsa's Coming.



@TheUSMCorps121 dude of course its gonna curve. since its a long shot the spin would bring it way left. there also may have been some wind he had to account for


Didn’t really talk about poultry other than chicken, maybe video on that

I don't know why this mother live in this God Made world

Sam McMillen

Panda all the way

Julee Guinipero

do another one like that and do a video with Julio Jones

Mattia Mariola

that midget killed me =)) no pun intended :P


i'm sure kim jong un made atleast 1000 accounts just to dislike this🤣

Bradly Graine



you should do a fortnite steryotypes

camila a

i am a big fan

jonathan dieu