Cyberpunk 2077 Radio Mix (Electro/Cyberpunk)

Hello Cyberpunk fans! This is first Cyberpunk 2077 Radio Mix, back again. This is an aggressive mix of Electro/Cyberpunk music. Join my channel for more related music! (TRACKLIST BELOW)If you want to hear more Synthwave/Cyberpunk/Electro music follow my channel, and remember that I have Spotify! (link below)Join my Patreon to support my music! :social links: - - - -The Encounter - Astrid (feat. Street Cleaner) (0:00 - 4:45)2 Hyper - Clockwork (4:45 - 9:08)3 EDDIE - Still Healing (9:08 - 14:31)4 Owl Vision - Warhogz (14:31 - 18:00)5 Boys Noize - Overthrow [blanke flip] (18:00 - 20:51)6 Social Kid - Transmissions (20:51 - 24:45)7 Owl Vision - Eclypz (24:45 - 29:29)8 Virtual Self - eon break [blanke flip] (29:29 - 32:07)9 Virtual Self - Ghost Voices (Shadient Edit) (32:07 - 35:20)10 Lemay - Digital Disaster (35:20 - 38:06)11 REZZ - Insomnia (BLACK NOIZE VISION) (38:06 - 43:10)12 Notaker - Fatal System Error (43:10 - 47:35)13 The Encounter - Claire (47:35 - 51:26)14 Formshift - Devolution - HE08 (51:26 - 56:00)15 Hyper - Spoiler (56:00 - 1:00:27)16 REZZ - ID (First track on "Nightmare on Rezz Street") (1:00:27 - 1:02:24)

Kalen Studios

Wow, how nice. You forgot to get a new person to make up the story. This is from a series

Daniel McCord

3:46 is that a...

Jackson Ross

Panda is the last cats name

Rezki Hakiki Amaliah

you look like hero


next years e3 is going to be much better


the guy in the blue shirt and the baldish guy with no shirt, are they twins?


I moved to England



CrisDoes Stuff

August 2018 anyone???

Sheila Hurt

ty won

Ain Lerato Michele



The song in the first one sounds familiar to the black ops zombies theme...


9:05 what is this cartoon called this is from my childhood imma cry

Kids Flawless Gaming

Sweet song nice year of 2016

Kris Page

I guess both of them correct

Huana Kahurangi

Forget puma and adidas

Jake Meyer

best song easter egg

Brandon Holt

Who's watching this in 2017


Like tr me kela PN saglya VDO madhe jo Maja yeto na to yet nahi


There is a new kid in my class: FuLl gAmE

Veronica Gonzalez

I think Panda should show his face

Blind guy McSqueezy

She didn’t really help home if she didn’t know and she was just denying it because she was scared.

Caked Cupcake frosting

Lol 7:38

Migz Kenway

"in bed"

Autistic Beverage


okay wHAT???

Blake Newsome

That's amazing😱😱


“Odd one out” odd 1s out who else herd that

Jose Reducindo

Shoutout Polo G but this is a lazy remix change my mind. I was so hyped last night thought this was gonna be a good ass, completely new song but got this. Still gonna bump it tho lmao

ananya lamba

I thought red


Yeah I'd kick her out in an instant.

That Boy Kaden

Who all went to the comments to see what people were eating


The monsters should've been staying in dorm A113 or something

easter egg that impact the plot with mysteries and question.