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Bro you gonna get 100k soon

Matthew Ford

Man that pizza planet truck sure does get around lol

sam stewart

I love archary

Sangeetha MJ

Rage monster is an madHe cutting trees Don't do that (# Tyler)

Cheryl Fulbright

how are you really good

When i saw the first picture, with the girl and the butterfly it remindet me of the story my mum told us at the day my grandfather passed away.

Bel Reece




Léon Othenin-Girard

what about the gnome easter egg in L4D2, where you get to play a Portal-like level in it :P

Arul Eh 30


vincent zapien

Fiyh fehuijer

Simply Useless

Woah! Wtf , Ireland doesn't have a high school they have something called primary and secondary school as they have a different educational system and did this woman at 4:40 say that she was in highschool at 13 and met a 17 year old

You can just threat him to get the fuck away, and if he brokes into your house, you just put 6 rounds in him.


what vehicle is that in the video? The little drifter thing???? I need to know these things. Want to buy one$.

This could mean something...

Ren Thewolf

Cool the story of how amazon begin and it founder

Carlisa Greenaway

Thanks for sharing your story. So sad what happened. Why'd he do it though? I'm confused.

Oh yeah Yeah

Rip tree

Southern park Craig Tweeker

And now your boyfriend playing fortnite in twitch LMAO

Lennie Mercury

Dont cry dont cry d o n t c r y

Marqus King

What is the name of the hibachi style circular thing?


Rylee Bailey

ya boi

But you could lock it down, I could tell by how you treat me


Dat attention to detail from naughty dog .


Yes this is painful truth

Crazy Canuck

Maybe one could refer to that part where she rises out of the blood similar to the scene in Apocalypse Now when Martin Sheen's character rises out of the mud. That's what i saw from that scene

Nadir Virk


teffy Vargas

He said stop recording and they didn't give a fuck, they want to make money out of this baby already 😑


So my next Easter Egg episode was meant to be on the game Outlast but I didn't have enough footage, so I think my next video will be another 'My Top 10' episode.

Me Nice

Im a boy idk how it feels

benneth bopamu

Who else knows TheOdd1Out?


Can I get 2 k likes for my dead corgi

Ali sade

i never felt happier; than finding your channel . i have the game on my xbox but no friend to play it with.

Stav Dogg

Nice! And i thought my youtube video was a " long distance shot " I gotta try this.Thanks for posting

Rain Gallop

I know what it is like to lose a parent. It differs for everyone. People cope differently. But bottling it up is never a good idea.

Mark Dwight Tadina


Stephen Boddie

dude perfect AKA the tyler show

ItsJackson 3!!!!

You should do a wr challenge with tyreek hill or Sammy watkins

Aimee van Leeuwen


Pedro Witz

2:35 Bolo Santozeee, 'Da Leadeer of da Reapeers' of JC2

I have this

Carter Rotcavich

Favorite was hole in one

kisu kun

Now this is a trailer

That Anime Kid

'"Water" Garrett 2012

Bradley Madden

I didn't know about the ghost lantern as well, props.


Top 10 Talos Principle easter eggs when?

Isaac Ramirez

Sick you should look at my laser shot atmy channel its Isaac Ramirez

Sunny_ Maddie

What about her birth mother? She isn’t an orphan if her mother is alive..she could take care of her daughter. Right?

dude it's serious ;w;

TPA_Clash Royal

trop cool

Carlos Feliciano

its obviously not...

Top Thot

hOmE ToWn aLaBaMa 🥴🦍