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Jannopatrick Mista

your the best funwithguru

Iwan Hidaya


Heart Break Kid

Is it me or did I see David Aldridge

lily corbin

oh hey i've been there! they live in texas right?


Well it's out in Europe and Asia, because of time zones

Lynnette White 1000

There should be a secret challenge! It should be first one to make Chandler quit gets some amount of money! Or do a two week long challenge for four people to keep Chandler in the game the longest! They can also do a whole family challenge Chandler‘s family his brothers sisters and his dad see which one can last the longest is they all get out the same time they have losing blood.

jesus figueroa

Directed by Rudy 👌🏻

Layla Fink

i like the video.. but why is it titled “we should break up?”

Slurpy dog M

I call it a soccer ball in our country but ya it makes more sense for football like if u live in America

Mr. M

A big support from the Philippines Joseph Allen ❤ we love you and keep up the good work! God bless 🧡

Jeffrey Cooney

Yay! Team twins go!

MW Stark

0:50 russman!!!


Greg Stachurski

Fuck everyone. This is cool, real or fake.

Ashton Smith

So sick🔥

3 USSR tanks after renovation

Omar Ice

5:51 when my mom not in the home

Mr. Awesome

I wonder how they keep it fresh

The Cute Twins



When your life is just PERFECT 😎

Hayley Ann

Let Max know Livin' on a Prayer is Bon Jovi, not Journey. Also let him know he's hot as f*ck and we would love to see him without a shirt eating some steak.

Cheryl Carlson

"gifts" are ok but real estate is better. If his business deals involve the Russians, run, let some other woman got through the RICCO mess and bury him. Love is a dangerous anesthetic.

Inas Ssne

My mom turned into a monster because of my dad leave us 😢 My brother is my father


Is the lip sync off to anyone else?

Studies less with phone

Fanatic Francis

Never clicked this fast before. 😂


waouh ! How many times do you watch those movies ?


I have ocd depression and anxiety my life is a fucking mess 😑

ka-jack legend

I wish I can join a vidoe

Grimm 23

I'm a mixture of all three 😏

Justin Ayala

James is gone where tf he go?🤣🤣

Gaming with Daniel Grifford

My favorite dunk was the longest dunk in the world

Vegan Water

I have been waiting for this to come out because I play lacrosse and I really look up to him 🥇


poor ty

Thomas burgess

Can you make more soccer videos please.🙂🙂🙂

Char Gallegos

They should do model rocket 3

Wyatt Trent

My friend is the rage monster and i am the rage monster


So I take it there's a game buried in all them Easter eggs. Lol.


More like tyla lucifer but whatever. pop ya mollies drink ya lean and o.d. to this shit!👍👍

Adam Gadit

I always wanted a crossbow


Dr nonce

Video Game Clips

astros edition

Jonathan Hendricks

Dude That Was Awesome!

but insread

Justis Hayes

It's not your falt


Silence Vector



99% are girls 1% maybe a boy XD its true if u look in the comments there all females


No one wants to fall in love with me:(

Josée Deguire

I love your bow and your arrow AMAZING!

luke crimin

So i found a set of numbers under a table in motd in the starting room maybe a step to something?