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That joint hits hard.....tmc


xd nah u must be stupid all their videos are real check them out and gets ur facts right



Maréchal de France, Sauveur de Verdun

Don't you want to have a real job instead of playing as kid...

Jayjay F

What would be good is if you gave us a solution instead of SAYING THE PROBLEM

Jayden Marvel

The music is the same as the previous trailer's

Chris Sanders

xD the mice shoot

Jackie Hernando

Waiting for the sister tea ab Emma liking either Ethan or Dolan

Paige Simmons

if you haven’t yet go to an asian country like japan or china (maybe the koreas) they don’t usually sell a lot of plus sized items so i’d like to see your adventure of finding them



3:31 - 3:50


Halo 3 was the last Halo game I played and cared about.

Joshua: Mom and dad are divorcing.


What about discord owo, no one can add you expect if they now your tag and name. I only have my friends added :P

Nurse:put some ice on it!

Brandon Kemp

Do BBQ trick shots!!!

so they call me "pig" Just googled it: Yes, he is! :-) Until this day i still hurt from those words. I hate myself more and more avery day. If any chance a parent was reading this all child need to be love and support. I am now 11 years old and still have a low self-esteem. Please love your child for who they are. I'm not saying how to raise your children but, please dont forget to let your child know that they are safe and will be accept by who they are.

Dylan Edison

The arrow basketball

Seb Welford

This song was missing the bongos...


No pienso jugarme mi suerte y no dar like


Any one 2019


Yes it is. In the Playlist. 'Easter Eggs' i was making a marathon and.... :O Episode 50 deleted... (I've already watched it, but that surprised me)

Hunter Thornton

You've come a long way Johnny Utah


Crystal Mateo

Is this real?

Kristoffer Craig

Lost it at the dancing zombies!

prod. frky

The one with shrek ruined my childhood..

Lynda Hernandez

Its ok i know how you feel the samem thing happend to me but tye oppeset its my mom who died..

jonathan randel

Do stereiotype nerf


Looks like the PC version?


reyam alsarraf

What about adoption? 0_o