Derrick Rose mix "BALLIN"

This is a derrick rose mix and the music is ballin by logic and I hope you enjoy this is for entertainment purposes only I don not own any of these clips


AL-ton Brown, Babish. I thought my life was hard I am no greatful for everything

The quiet one forever 995

I know what this is like to have a step parent/step mom

Fahed Zubar

I think the pork is raw 15:37

Ognjen Ljusic

Coby don’t worry you will win one in 2018 is my prediction

R U !3 Y

Did no one notice Her and B were messaging each other about writing fanfics with their OTP’s?

Ŵôlfîê Plâŷž

Oh...I never knew that GACHA mike...

Cell Gaming

5 year old me and my dad

HiTmAn The sniper

Me and my friend are 10000% rage monsters

Teddy Bear

This doesn’t make sense if the founder of adidas is dead

Fahad alamry

You are funny agin, hope i hear your voice in the next video

Veronica . . .

Ahem condoms-


How to make that airplane please tell me dude perfects

Flamingo Blitz

No Puberty yet lol

Logan Rogers

I enjoyed the part when they did the trick shot

crazy waffles

Wow no words just visited new York city the other week thank God no one else was injured

Ryan Lubbehusen

This was actually posted on my 8th birthday!


It would be easier if he shot from closer!

Glo BoyDT

U lucky asf


Tiffany Hurst

The last one made me sad I played portal I loved portal when it ended I cried

Rhea Hansraj

I thought Rachel was a reactor I’m so happy she got promoted!

Vian Hameed

This story gave me a lot power Many thanks 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Owen Schaefer

Press the 👍button👇yes👇no

Lomana Malele

FBE open up

Phantom Kumo

ab = flab

Elisha shelton

The first music was mario bros

Joshua slosser

He had what like 3 or 4 majors at this point now he's at ten amazing

Well, I can finally say how much of a horseturd it is that EA made of it.

Karma Dank

Just do /gamemod creative @s when ur almost ded

James Wood

Your videos are top class keep it up lad


12:24 That was unexpected.

Thaís Furno

Como você consegue encontrar estes easter eggs? VocÇe trabalha pra IGN né?

Patrick McDonald

Dude perfect you should tell us if you got a shot on the first attempt.Just a thought...

Eat ur mom Cakes

I remember following polo g on insta when he was at 100k. Congrats on 1mil big bro I always knew u were next up🐐❤️

Pedro Siqueira

Oi eu sou brasileiro

Caelan Ferguson