Despacito - luis fonsi ft Daddy yankee , Gorilla Dance on despacito , remix cover| minions

Despacito dance cover animated gorilla version please share nd sub .

Ivan Jarvi

1:44 look at the tire it looks a bit choppy

Tori Burke

Leah: Will can do everything



Howling Dark Wolf

My brother had a brain tumor when he was nine, he had felt the same way, but this happened in a different way. No cancer though

Kamila Franco

I mean I loved the song, but this music video is now making obsessed with it ah. Omg I just loved the fact that Annie was even in it and in the beginning he said oh I'm just missing my girl. Like so freaking sweet. I swear I am obsessing.

Ninjas_are hot_AF Dani

Girl you got the I-phone Damn i got the Android.

Linda Ellefson



Been here since mw2 and still love your channel

Hannah Stevens

You guys should go to America got talent 😘

EvilDead Ash

The cowboys lost for 27 years in a row

la vie en rosé


Tấn Hoàng Trọng

The panda is so cute


who's behind the mask of the panda?????


Yet she’s still wearing the same shirt....

Zero Two

what's the music called? i like it

Darshan S

Taste test is awesome but whell unfortunate is the best

Spencer Aldrich

How can you still play area 51

Chicken Nugget

cool vid guys

Sweet Flow101

Where is the hut at ?

William Kay

One like I destroyed my golden play button

Bern Isawesome

He looks like vin diesel

Subscribe to me and I will subscribe back

Wtf? This video has the worst title ever! I thought the government put the pilot to death because he purposefully crashed!

Althea Jiane

Eating bubble gum: toothache

Rokhsar Jan

Why did you destroy your court

Paige Rosa

Do moms or wife version

Qweeen Roseee_

Can we get a link of her YT-

Gaming Guys 51

Hope u guys are okay

Scott Baldwin



10 years later.


The one where they told you to comment your fav dunk

Cassy Viera

Panda is good at trick shots


Panda is from china

kindred reeb

I bet these guys are nothing in person like on camera why such the big act ?

BSC Insanity

BSC Insanity go subscribe!

Jodie Reid

did anyone notice one of the guys/characters sounded EXACTLY like harper! from black ops 2


That Fact Guy

2:30 any pro could hit that 90% of the time

Karson Williams

I just noticed in the beginning the voices were edited in

Tamed 4ce



This person did not want kids. Did not see the point in them until she thought she and her spouse were worth creating more of.

Nathan C

Whats your favourite game?

Petr Červinka

Is it wrong when I want to see those bullies in pain?


This game bored me to tears.

Dragon Legendz

You mean rugby not football

cool 101

There ain't no damn way you created amazon

- relatable

Dudu Fabian

This Minecraft server is called RealLife 22 years of playing australiandude263 hit the ground too hard

Hada 93

Its beautiful😍😍😍😍

AWP SKIN Counter Strike Global Offensive

Is this your store?

Foxy Games

Anyone who rolls their eyes at American cheese can get the fuck out.


I'm really hoping that axton, Salvador and a few others from 2 show up