Dishwalla - Counting Blue Cars

Music video by Dishwalla performing Counting Blue Cars. (C) 1995 A&M Records




@All - Don't let the video bug you, live the way you want to, your still going to die in the end.


Dude Perfect is better than Brodie smith. Subcribe to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Bill Duplessy


quinn brown

Like I've never seen the minecraft Easter egg before



Crow Animations

If god hates gay then why in the bible does it say god loves everyone?!


Ditto can turn into humans

Lucia Elliott

Her brother should have gone to gail for touching her in the way he did .like huging is ok but wat he did was not ok


Wow only took one try every trick shot. AMAZING

Plane Turtle

Can you do skateboarding trick shots


Theres a reply button for a reason.. Use it..

Eva Garcia

He was probly being acting annoyed cuz yall filmed anyways lol still not cool of him. I feel like with that attitude he was litteraly dissing yall off

Waffle Human

I would be proud if I got a low A

LittleWither Gaming

“We should do this more often!”“We shouldn’t...”

Dakota Egner

wow that was awesome!!!!!!!

Amy Phillips

I am leaving team coby and joining team Tyler

alexander sarmiento

Why is there a fucking skeleton in the back ground at 2:36??


i wonder if the Easter egg about racial segregation was a reference to the movie unforgiven. the man could be Morgan freeman and the woman could be his wife. the house they were sitting at was small and away from any town just like in the movie

Bert Coffee

Dear America,

Bro Gravity

Samurai was coolest

Jens Wouters


Kieran Kershaw

Good vid my man


Perfect video

Christopher Lane

Dude perfect light balance edition

Nick Oleary

I dare you to shave your mustache

Michael Brocaglia

I got 81 of em. 😅

Gaming Joey

It's probably not Garrett's Grandma but I still feel bad 3:14I just do

rafael pozo

Mmm don't think the first one is a reference because thanos was looking for the stones all time, so it's perfectly normal if he asked him "where is the stone"


You heard it the video was fake

Prince Biribuze

Another amazing video.

Eduardo Alfonso Ferreira Castro

Jejeje... Money... Jejejeje, MONEY, Giggle I'm RICH!!.

Lil Lily 510

Damn...well anyway it looks dope

Xxkookie doockieXx

What a sad story

Tsurugaya Otsuu

I'm with Ethan on the last one.

Ryan Patel

honey were is my super suit

Candela grossi

I will never be comfortable with parents like that, just my opinion

Athena 609

The bright Side copied that is video claiming it was there own Evan though they uploaded it this year so you should report them for that

Gacha Channel

Wait so your not pregnant???Im so confused


I love your beard XD

Bennett Blanset

Coby wins in a video you guys make later.But he will win.