Double Up/Status Symbol 3

Nippsey Hussle Victory Lap

Albertina Ipinge

What did he do at 2 thirty

She hadn’t done it for a good 5, 6 years until two weeks ago; but by that point I’d finally found friends who loved me for me and who made me feel wanted and loved.

tyler adkins


Pink XNC

One more time guy XD that’s what I always do to my sisters XD

Blake John

I like the hole in one trick shot

Will Parrish

Do they buy subs


wow nice :D


love it

My third favorite teacher is my tennis and health teacher. She is also very laid back and her classroom runs smoothly. She makes learning a sport fun for me (I am not athletic whatsoever).

Ahmiel Sevril Generoso

You forget your signature move

I see you like Norway, well I am from there!


o my god.  you guys are awesome

Mona Melendez

Ho do you do that

TheMorriz GamerZ

when i do a mistake, i keep bringing it back up and worrying about it. ive got a little bit of anxiety and i used to go to cams but not now. I dont wanna go back because im shy.


i thought tyler was gonna throw the turtle XD


Thank you :)

Apex gaming Apex

Man that was before he was ricardo

Maliheh Nikubonyad

My dad died of a heart attack, my mom wouldn't let me say goodbye😭 worst thing I didn't understand he was dying, my mom said I was too young

Brenda Garland

Panda holla if you agree


Sam and Henry

pixelmen xD

#YIAYjob just a sex slave


11:59 One of those serious talks in anime where the main character develops as a character from a wise character.

Martin Baumgartner

Wich Sea is this

Gabriel Lagos

My favorite shot is make it rain 🌧 in slow motion

TheFLO 0


Twitch Cavy


Aaron Fernandez

Anyone watching at 2019

Icek Online

Am I early?


what a isolated country

Bryan Meza

Wow look at my name ......

Ruairi McKenna

Good vid. Next vid: Arkham City ( yes it's a year old but the amount of material you can work with is unbelievable )


Thanks, Obama.

Bhauna Madhu

Can you do the postal 2 Easter egg in paradise mall? Where if you go back in 2016 it will open a new area.

Austin Stewart


Efe çağlayan

Merhaba süpersin robotu biz mi birleştirecekz yoksa sadece satın mı alacağızÖnce sadece satın aldım


best one 4:01

Sophia Nguyen

This is too relatable.


I absolutely LOVE your voice! So soothing and calm... I also like your accent as well.

Adam Carter

Da fuck where's panes

Don Stofiel