Drake - Money In The Grave featuring Rick Ross | Reaction

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Kamerron Parker

Ifunny brought me

daydreams and doesnt do her damn job

Inma Per

It seems that you only suffer anxiety when you go to a date or a party...

Bryan Carrera

I mean in gothamcity

Моменты из фильмов


Mohammed Siddiqui


Halo Grunt15

No good please noNOOOOOOO! NOT AGAIN!

M Bennett

Fast forward two years and ty still left Cody hanging. 😂

Mark Garcia

Crazy cool!

International Living Word Cathedral

Best vid

Dakota Chapman

Great video! Join my group through Facebook at: http://www.kumbuya.com/wisconsin-daily-life-hack/

brooklyn is bad at fn

This boy who had a crush on me was always texting me and making edits of me it was so annoying

Leo ft Freddy is playful needs friends and bon bon


ilocats0212 cats

Smoking looks stupid

Her Dad Has Black Hair

Matthew Blood

nice I love this

Karen Sanchez

es hermoso !! :´)


Heard the first few notes of the music and knew I recognized it from somewhere, so I went to the description and was ashamed of myself for forgetting this amazing song by OMN

rukayb solee

Director: How much do you wanna get people confused in this new frozen.Disney:YES!!!!!!!

Nolan Graff

They changed the name of the vid

Anish alter

How do you make like this

Igor Nikolic

1000 likes? nope , fuck you have 4000


nina Toci



Neymar gosto desse video kkkkkk

Carter Walker

Hey ty I love your trickshots

Maau Sukale

My crush called "Badbadi" it means takitive 👧 in the 🌍


Allan Biala

You really like Mirrors Edge, don't you?

u r lucky Susan isn't around or u would be dead. ur also lucky I don't know you or u gonna get a free sample of MY MIND

Daniel Oprea

Who is behind the panda? Please tell me.



mom> slaps me

Fruit Basket

In the beginning you can see Garret running back to the apartment and in the next scene there's no Garret so Garret ditched them

Aussie Legend

A113 is in the Simpsons aswell

Master Strange

We probably get this late 2021 or early 2022 because did y’all know how long they took to make the legend of Zelda breath of the wild it literally took them 4 years

Papa Dragon

“It was about that time that I realised the Easter egg was actually a 500 ft tall monster from the mesozoic period and wanted tree fiddy”

justin smith

5:35 epilepsy seizure

tammy coffman

you should do it at forsyth missouri

David Loomis

On 3:01 thats on the original dead island


So whats the difference between catholocism and catholic? please, enlighten me for I have no idea what im talking about. And I'm the idiot? please, you cant even tell the difference between an insult and a suggestion.

wolf tone

I beata my long schlong

Harry Moore

On Der Reise: black ops, I played the game easter egg, and after that, No more perks appeared for the WHOLE game, even from teleporting..

Infected Burrito

I like to smother my tennis balls in sardine juice before I let a camel lick them. Gets them good as new.

ryuisreal GG


Kath Bond

11.25 Gaonna break the disc

Jackson Brooks

Yes dumbass

Unknown S

My sister is my girlfriend. Blood does not mean anything.

Rhoda Huynh

go to family search

Tim Curtin

Check out my trick shot video