Drake - Money in The Grave - ft. Rick Ross - Reaction!

Sup guys thanks for watching! Sorry if my editing isn't very good. I don't want to get copyrighted again!!

Emily Ota

I thought it was tic tac toe


Don’t you notice that Joey and Bryan made a happy face 5:05

Parker Powell

Get Brian Deegan and do some freestyle

ur mom ur mom

How does he get all those records where does he put all those records and how does he know if they'll beat the record


My mother divorced my dad and he begged her not to go/not to take us but... the court favored the woman (my mother) and he was just gone.... i haven't spoken to him in 8 months and this happened a year ago. She found someone new but he isn't so great he yells, and breaks stuff....

3days Lightning

That should be in the movie!

Adam Dia

Was it just me or were both women a black and blue dress?

яαιf иαz

World record holder:

Francesco Sala

Sep 26 is my birthday :-I

Sky Berry

check out those guns at 2:28

janki parasramka

Watchin in 2019.......anyone watchin today 👍🏻😀 (LOL)


I got a Dude Perfect as before the video

Arnesh Batra

Team cody

Miym Uzumaki

Like I say to my friends, don’t trust doctors. It may not look like it, but lots of doctors can be useless, only after the money. I didn’t say all doctors tho, there are some doctors considerate enough to check and explain, not act like an asshole and act like nothing happened.

John Bakeob

I've said it many times, but well done sir. Another all around great episode with amazing original content.

Jean Sébastien Defosse

1:14 Eargasm

Braithan Bailey

Film in New Zealand plz it would make my day cause that's where I'm from

Connor Jones

Do fortnite trickshots

Rebecca bundren

can we see Ned Forrester and Tyler at the same time?

Mr_x 1992

most overrated game of 2014

That song was featured in a video celebrating the Amiga computer by Commodore.

3wash Bin.Dhabooi



Landon poppa

Why the eggs


no commented video except me

Tyler Haynie

LOOK, Ty is my favorite DP member! Plus, my name is Tyler.


I found That Heaven Button easter egg by accident.

Wiggle one month later...

People of Person

Bryan: gets hit in the chin


As soon as I saw those soldiers with that uniform at the beginning, I knew it was Kim jong Un

#Funiies FUN

This is weird Mr.Beast has the Tesla

Hockey #10



Jenny’s Life

Aye sis I live in Massachusetts

César Dragon1893

The police yellow card 😂😂😂

Linda Talavera

Did any one get an ad about anxiety and the video is about anxiety ,wow what a coincidence


That is form poket god the rainbow is form poket god im not lieing they says that stuff to

Alston Lloyd

Dad Perfect

Elvis Suarezjerez



this is def not fake considering all the other videos and they have been nationally recognized so doubt they would recognize a fake.. well they did with that little boy and the air balloon but still haha


Ive played and beaten every saints row, i thought this game would suck so bad. But it ended up being my favorite in the series

Jomar Tapia

Since when am I gonna get a Guinness World Book Of Records?Oh WaitI have one for being yellow and eating more than 1,000,000 bananas a day.Oops.


Dylan your awesome hope you have a great life buddy

Knock on door

idk 23

Tbh he did it cuz u dumped him also who TF sent it to the teacher

Lizzy and lily Lps!


Kate H.

Totally am introvert!

Elgatowis _

😂 Oklahoma fan and that’s so true


4:55 it's Mulan!

Otilio Reyes

Me iso llorar 😭😭😭 dale like para que lla no llore pero calladita

Tarsem Singh

I like your app

Aj Blaze

Can you hookup a microphone to a speaker and then put the speaker infront of the microphone

Fake Autistic Dino

Do films and games in Ready Player One