Drake "Money In The Grave" Lyric Prank On Crazy Mom! (SHE BEAT ME😢)

Drake "Money In The Grave" Lyric Prank On Crazy Mom! (SHE BEAT ME😢)EliBreazy - All We Do Is Drop Bangers!In this video.. i texted my mom with the Drake "Money In The Grave" lyrics and she freaked out and got so mad.... This is probably my best song lyric prank...If you are reading this comment #BreazyGang in the comments ❤️#drake #moneyinthegrave #lyricprank #drakelyricprankGO SUBSCRIBE TO MY SECOND CHANNEL: me on Snapchat 👻: Ball.life25-Follow me on Instagram📱: (eli_breazy)-Follow me on Twitter🕊:(Otn_elif)Subscribe & Stay Tuned ✅🙏🏽Tags: drake, drake new song, drake money in the grave,drake money in the grave instrumental, drake money in the grave clean, drake song lyric prank, drake lyric prank, lyric prank on my mom, song lyric prank on my mom, drake song lyric prank on my mom, drake money in the grave song lyric prank on my mom, drake money in the grave,drake money in the grave lyric prank,drake new song,drake new song raptors,money in the grave lyric prank,song lyric prank,lyric prank,money in the grave,money in the grave drake,drake,drake songs,drake lyric prank,drake omerta,drake omerta song,drake lyric prank gone wrong,when i die put my money in the grave,rick ross,song lyric text prank,eli breazy,eli breazy lyric prank

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go to the 5:50 Mark of the Video And Hit Pause then Look At The Clock


Oh and you guys better not get too hyped for ep.100. It's not a huge video, it's just a cute idea I had.

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Seen all the vids already

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Man...fortnite, really?

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now how is your two sisters?

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At 5:42 there is a dog in the bottom left corner

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Do incredibles 2 easter eggs

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Psycho girl.

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Even if you do or do not choose to kill the last sasquatch, you can still find more lurking around Tall Trees.

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omg thank you for adding Psychonauts on the list, fucking amazing game

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Do you find the easter eggs on your own?


Amazing song and visuals 🔥

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Anyone else notice the Launch Missile and also the Montage buttons next to the Ask CJ one?


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