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That voice in the Witch scared the absolute shit out of me, but at least I can say my favourite horror movie of all time have me tingles 😂

TuanVN 2007

Meme Review Time !


FrEaK iN tHe SheEts IM-

Duc Duong

What are you guys doing

Ashley Acuna

Omg that girl Alexis grabbed that $200 real quick lmao

I nearly thought it was east side...song

TbG R1CO95

a lot of people actually love the artwork of borderlands so shut the fuck up, and not like cod has the best graphics.


This video is legit right? It sure seems like it

Oliver Iohp


Nurindah Ismatirin

I like coby

Arslan Tariq aka sunny

this is called love and sympathy for humanity

SBC Gang

The raiders

Osama Sultan

Jan 2019 anyone?



Thenewcohenforbes22 Forbes

These tricks would have taken ages I wouldn't get one


I can feel your pain. I always see fake shit like: rubbing tooth paste on a broken phone will fix it, black icecream, and rainbow lipstick. So its not just you.

Evan Barker

What didthe fat guy with the beard do after guessing cats and dogs


Guru I think you haven't seen the assassins creed origins Easter egg Mission, you get to see one of the final fantasy characters and more you get the lightning sword.


Thanks for helping me make the easter egg of origins, i really did not know =)

aaron hendron

Why did you not interview dwil

Ivan Goytia

Excellent song for your helicopter landing Guru!! Foreign beggars!!!

Stick bot Kid

Where is gar?

Hudson Mosher

Team Cory

Juliana Brown

That was basically me, prior to coming out at 22. Kind of sad to end it that way. Talking about it is a great first step. Having friends that care helps. I hope she gets the help she needs to physically transition as much as she likes or needs, to feel right. :-) <3


They changed the title to "You need children to be happy." to "I tried a unnatural pregnancy."

Amanda Stegall

my sun is 11 and he is a perfesionle bull rider so I would like to know if he can come and try

Perla Flores

You did the right and You área awsome

Maggie Parris

shopping stereotypes

Radu Cristian Udrea

i hate ppl who make big stuff about dis dis is fake and bad i want memes


@skateboiiadam Kiss the Flag by Parabelle


3:27 wait till you see it XD

Damian Kinzler

Ty looks like Jack Frost fr fr 😂😂😂

Cap'n Flapjack

These just get more fake and fake smh

melody eary


Potatis Ankan

Dunk and arow


Some guy friended  me on steam and asked me if i'm FunWithGuru, just because i have many steam games...

Michael Chung

The editing is SUPERB.


Raging Rubie

Are Max’s glasses invisible ??

First time I can say that about one of these channels

Jaequon Lennon

I cant play on school days

Qingyuan Hu

I only got a seizure

Sania Tazeen

Yo he died? I thought he left her.... 3. Eat your veggies

Otis Via

I'm eating chips

Iron Boy Jr.

WHY NINTENDO!! You can't just drop that and say "It's in development"

King Shahmeer

Excitement is amazing

talha emre ünal

i remember showing all these easter egg vids to my friends and impress the fuck outta them guru you are a true champion you deserve that diamond button more than markiplier


This story is so sad! I send you hugs and prayers!

Adam Kowalski

This is still one of if not my favorite battles especially because of the trophy.

cactus jack

You guys use trampoline

Grim Moth

Sooooo who else thinks this sounds like emirichu?