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now all I want is my favourite final fantasy aka 6 to get a remake like 7 or a remaster like 8, actually remaking every ff games like 7 could be great. (without the episodic gimmick)

Alexandr Bobrovsky

i love you dude perfect

Jadiel Baez


Ciro Kujat

. Son buenos

Melvin Salazar

Maybe your on drugs? Jk i was then someone else did 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

Logan McDougall

Yay cant wait to spend money on this. Dead by daylight 2 looks way better. I really think this is going to be really sad. Its only going to be popular because rainbow is popular for no reason. Anyway have fun with a rainbow six zombie game that there gonna make you pay for.... it looks cool


I love the one with the puppy and doge mode


Congrats!! n_n


My dad Had an experience like #3, He swam in the low-tide then ended up in a area where you shouldn't be, He's said it was so dark, he couldn't see anything. :c

In the deepest of my heart you're the best youtuber.

O poveste încâlcită

I like that they have speak there :)))


what was the song in the beginning? someone please tell me

skinnyism priest

no one:

Eljo Kuka

Nothing to say


There is no way to stop global warmingElsa: Am I a joke to you

yuta's lil hoe

i relate so much😔

Abc 123234

Lol this Bf hardline Chompi easter egg 😂

Ron Halwa

you guys are sick

Brotherly Love Productions

Nick Fury has entered the chat

No wonder shes autistic.