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They are scammers

Boy A, Drawing

Why do u tell me to gind a bikini...


Amazing! Energetic! Vivacious! Loved the performance and loved the performer


I love gun


Guru, one Question. How do you know, from which Movie these Eastereggs are?

Jacob H

At 228 did any one see the Texas rangers shirt

DaGaming Snake

You should do mawmaws magic brown from Raising Hope

inbar rai

כך אתחילה אגדה

This Story

don’t eat bred

14 bounces

Shooketh Tracy Martel

What is this democracy

baran öktem

AC series pls

Email: info@eclipseluxcontacts.com

Lg Games br

so eu sou brasileiro aqui

Sander van den Berg


Sok Teng Beh



Best solution is to adopt

Noe Rivas

The panda tho


My phone doesnt even ring

I'm Asian

Its named downtown now


@XxBUTT3RxNUTZxX no video footage, never happened. You don't even have one video on your channel.

Pink Milk

hes a nice guy yet she calls him jerk all the time shes kinda a bitch

Yennie Fer

I always love seeing how these drawings are drawn and colored. Very pleasing to the eyes. uwu


Wonder how many arrows they lost on the water skipper

Darth Belicheck

Steph has decent numbers but he had been horrendous defensively.

Bowo Budiarto

fucking kiding me


OMG what a drama queen right?! But still, can't help feeling like you want more?! Well, us too! Follow Kwan's life updates on Facebook at: facebook.com/OfficeLoveSeries/. Seriously guys, drama follows this girl everywhere.

On Jah?

What character are you playing as?

DankyPanky Jr

looks like they got the right chair

its always me

Okay...kylie can shout as well

Kiara Browne

Well I didn’t expect this at all😐

Nina Donnelly

I’m in awe at how incredible this was. Wow just wow.

Don't skip meds, don't skip sleep.


Do not lose 2. Virginity lmao

2025cnutter student

I knew it was checkers


There's some good ASMR in Black Mirror (Netflix), Season 4, Episode 4 at 2:40 when they are eating food

Eating food is wow

wow i have all of the symptoms except 1

jason tran

cool game:)


The first video is the toy story scene: exists

hey.its. lucyxx

To everyone mocking the account and the title in the comments, shes a girl who's in alot of trouble and needs help and needs advice so please stop


It's gonna be trash

Cherrriezz Yeeett

Mmmmmmm I smell an AMAZING movie coming out


after stating all that, "probably" is probably not the best word to use.haha.


Anyone have any idea who sang that song?


Best song on the album 💪💪


Hope the knowledge that their victim is wealthy and they are still in poverty makes the bullies jump off the nearest cliff.

Illuminati Playz

And this is corys only trophy to this date

Stacie Meier

In Truth, its La Mer (French) though it isnt the same as the English version, "Beyond the Sea" written by Jack Lawrence and entitled "Beyond the Sea". it is based on the french music written by Charles Trenet . Django Reinhardt made La Mer famous and that is what you are hearing being played in Rapture. Note the guitar in it.


this video is bullshit

Рахим Курбонзода

Достойный соперник орлу