Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber - I Don't Care (Elijah Hill remix)

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Jamani All Day

only rapper i really know that actually made it out the hood 🔥👌💯

Video dnevnik školarke - Marta vLog

OMG.Can't wait😁

Elijah Owens

Anyone notice the characters on L4D2 are Futurama?

Have a great day!

BT42 Taylor


Jennifer Christina

That beard is the beard Ty's dad had in dad edition

Jetstream Sam

What the fuck is an easrer you dumbass illiterate fucking trailer trash homo bitch baby.

Froobie Stinkhorn

Yeah nice...but what about JOJO'S BIZZARE ADVENTURE!! OH MY GAWD

DaVinci 3

So dark are you sure it’s not from the DC universe

lps Angel

Number one is I'm so fancy


That's some top notch acting from Jimmy, wtf? He can act

Annan Hosssain

you should get homeschooled.

Jose Gabriel Vergara

2:16 jumpscare

James Cazin

Who thinks this is not as crazy as it is now?!?!


School Stereotypes pls it would be cool

Jay Dowg

Funny thing is, thats NOT the JakX costume XD

James Posey

This video hard as hell 🔥🔥 best song on the album


2:57 is not an Easter egg... its a chest from a caravan that is sometimes right outside the city

Spidey Art

I’m the my bad guy in soccer

GabeStar Productions


Jack Schuerenberg


Isaiah Amos

Third public comment if a super ditto has a memory of Dr. Manhattan could ditto destroy the planet just from a memory from a movie