Ellen Discovers Her Audience's Hidden Talents

From impressive push-ups to marshmallow tricks, Ellen found some amazing hidden talents among her audience members.

Pam Miller

0% Coby will win

Diego Barroso

Before that

Melissa Mccuistion

Although i am LGBTQ but, its fine to have an opinion, nobody should be bashed for literally having an opinion. Nobody of any sexual orientation should be bullied, FOR ANYTHING. Just like you shouldnt be bullied for being LGBTQ, Jewish, Christian, Athiest, and/or Race. I don't agree w/her, but I also dont agree w/bullying.

Randall Scott

Yay she’s got an accent




My two favourite countries !


in gta sandreas in zero's shop next to the counter there will be action figures of tommy from vice city and some black guy 2 also in san ferarrow there is posters on a wall that has the cover of gta 3 and gta vice city just putting that out there



LAjkaarn 16


+ New XBOX controller

Guylaine Gouraige

Dang that was powerful



Fortnite Gangsters

Is it just me or does Ethan look like a young George micheal

Insert DVD

it says DJ. Khaled at 2:04 XD

Victor Browne

@RandomPedestrian63 i just seen him in an interview on tv...he said it took over 70 shots!

Inioluwa Balogun

every parent who watches knows that a child will never give up there phone for anything except food

Country Rebel 74

Where was Chanel?

Liz B

Even as a ( now ) old adult, I csn really relate to this story, because ot os EXACTLY how I felt after MY grandpsrents passed away. Thru were the ONLY ones on the world who really loved me snd saw any good possibilities and gifts in me, who largely brought me up and constantly told the rest of my family and acquaintsnces, that I'd amount to something one day, wbere everyone else,! just saw me a a nuisance and a stupid little girl with no brain.

NBA Nerd

I’m nervous nelly

You are alway the cherry of my sundae :D

Rayyan Gaming5960

where is panada

The Lego maker !

heres an easter egg i cod bo III when you get gold for a gun the nearest player will say : good job on the golden bars:

Teeth Brush Productions

for the lost one I gasped because I just loved that show so much

CloneCharlie Plays

Go purple hoser!!!


This made me want some Ruffles.



Anyone else see the Serious Sam 3 and Hotline Miami posters?

Jeanine McIntosh

This was depressing

kevin wallis

sprint car race cars used magnesium wheels and one car was burning the wheels and no amount of water would put it out.

Mayank Agarwal


Juan Luchas Molinegra :V

5:35 How terribad as a person you're now, miss 'OFFENDED'.

Slippy Is Back Games And More

Dang that tough


We Need Cardi on Hot Ones ASAPPPPPPPP

şąļļý pļąýž

Poor woman and poor baby I'm crying right now

Starry Vampie


Kira killer

Jack Frost better be there

Selvaraj Alse

panda winning lol

Elєmєntαl Bσч

mix magnesium with thermite or negative X


where can buy this car


Music Easter Video Eggs?

Dylan Skinner

My dad is genaral manager at champaign illinois sams club

Rowan Van gend

Did you pee your pants

Ava Vanwezel

I got dietbeates at 8 years old!!! I'm trigered edit:I was like this for 3 days in the er

Saritha Sabari


Tyler Elrod


Arms heavy

Sameen Hadiya

This looks incredible! I can't wait!

Ashlynn Turner

I would just run to my mam and ask for under wear

Logan Smith


Lord Helix

When garret axed through the flour he looked constipated

Isaac K

At the beginig when the fat lady shouted at her with the spatular and when you said what has she got to lose anyway? SHE NEEDS TO LOSE SOME WEIGHT


it is number 3 not 4


hey I'm first wanna hear a joke

Colin Sheridan

How long dose it take you to make these vids