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Lars Andersen could get all of these first try


Claptrap: exists

MatanEbear bobe

she is an engolish teacher shees teaching me rite now. XD

Andre Trinta

You traitor you left team cody

Pls dont like

SCP foundation

RIP Eddy raja

Derpy de derpeh pug

I am getting a jug soon


Hello, thanks for this amazing video. I was very entertained. I just recently discovered that I'm one of the BPD sufferer, including bipolar, and I was struggling to live. I often thought that I didn't deserve to live and be given the affections and loves people had given to me. It brought me to the point where I thought about something sensitive; that I sometimes having suicidal thoughts and such. But talking to the person around me, and try to be open to some of them, hade made me realized that all the worries are just inside my head. Up until now, I'm still trying to believe in them, and in myself as well. Your video had made me realized too. Thank you, please keep being alive and happy. Xoxo for other BPDs out there


Welcome Zuccarello, who is here in 2019

U all my charges you won’t look at me the same” and the rest of it but also bc that shit would be long after I feel like they could take one part of polos part out and add his make


why does Doom and quake look so much alike XD


Behind the back kick,this ones for America, yet the goal is missing a USA color 😅😅😅😅😅😅😆😆😆😆

Marcel F

Bro why the fuck did you make my hearth drop, jezus...

Just Collectin'

Too bad the foam trick didn't work. Poor Tanner was having a rough day lol.

best of luck either way :)

Bruce Bauer

It's2019 BABY!!!!!!!


I feel there's a hidden FunWithGuru easter egg in this video somewhere.

Jonathan Solis

He must spend a lot of time looking for Easter eggs for his videos



you and me both bro I had cancer too anyone one suffering from a life threatening sickness hang in there

javiera fuenzalida


Ang Bayliss

Steven George

Raiden from mortal Kombat vs Thor but Thor from avengers endgame

Catching giant barracudas Is my life

Sharks bite at night

Then she notices my sister with he shoes and gives her a good job nod and then she saw me and started to yell at me and threw heels at me which weren’t even mine bc when I moved I threw away my good shoes by accident

Josiah Payne

Did anyone apologize to the yellow shirt lady. She got some serious whiplash!

Cass F

Love love this video, you haven't done these type of videos in so long and your level of energy is reassuring. Lots of love Tati!

brh chllngr

I like the transitions from ac6 to ac4 when they were singing the shanty.

Anthony Dennis

Lmfao my girl sent this to me as im a whole foot taller than her


hey, some guy stolen ur vid

Crazy Penguin

Feel like your head could be farther to get more

Beholder Animates

Marshmallow dogeball haha

Then checked here if im depressed or not.

Jonas Christiansen

21 Bounces


E3 was very mid this year

The random train

i remember watching power puff but i never understanded what she meant until now


This video reminded me about my boyfriend dying to, I cried

Dragon Ship

The tall guy

XD Alex

I am a psychopath

William Hardy

Please do a face reveal of the panda


I want miracle berry

Los Lúcumos

If you are lookin' for the sixth member again, the panda came here and it is hearing cumbias!!watch?v=4yZQfablgBo

WAlid Belhaj

Cuando ban a subir la peli ?

Mais où sont les français ?

tubby gang

Try Airsofting

Livingstone daisy


Pittsburgh Steelers

Why was I click bated ??

Neighborhood Tv

2025 they start a boy band

Michelle Solomon


Victor Og


Alejandro Ramirez

Should've been Greg the Leg

Frank Stokes

Thumbs up if your watching in 2018


He bacc

Assh Gdgjk

I have seen this 46

Chuck Norris

Haters gonna hate one more time :)

The Rapist

 Im Stream Dgaynrt Filme in deutscher Sprache gesehen movie4k.