Everybody said this Bass Solo is IMPOSSIBLE...

Reacting to epic videos you sent me... Everyone challenged me to play this bass solo, it sounds impossible... but is it really?Submit more memes: and Backing Tracks: for more videos: Signature Bass: –Twitter: NEW ALBUM! Spotify: forget to leave a comment to let me know if you enjoyed this video, it's important for me! :) If you want to be always updated about my channel, SUBSCRIBE! and JOIN THE FUNK! :DHope you'll like it!See you soon and Stay Funky! :)

"I guess so Frank"

Samuel Aras Michael

The Best Easter Egg Channel XD

Democracy is 'The people rule'

Mia Beck

Reason 122,239,494 why I don't date.

WillDaBeast _09

This vid has no views lol

Park Lu

¿Cómo me puedo tatuar este video? .-.

However, they would fight over me and end up telling one another: "If you hang out with her, I'm not your friend anymore!"


never expected something like this from you xD Well done

Maddi-Chook Yarrow

I feel like the mini is similar to the huda beauty palate but the shades come out how their supposed to!!!! Love love love xxx

Toon Paite

Tom is adorable .

Sydney Zubeck



Girls do this to guys all the time.

Jennifer DiMarco

I didn't. know. you can get. the thunder gun on bo

...And so much more


Im against gays


Reminds me of Force Unleashed but I think they could do more with the body damage. It looked so weird when he cut through that scout trooper and his body wasn't severed. I don't mean make it gory but make it responsive