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AllyIsh_HellaHungrу Meow

She really is a chick, one day she will become a chicken


I need a ps4 I'm poor


so he is Bill Gates????????????????????????


Thanks for kickstarting my foray into hip hop


I feel like this is like the Infected Game Mode in Left 4 Dead

Venom Winner

Want Starbucks No

Play no games (No)


Film with Liverpool

301 Alexc7

Just Saw This On ESPN :S

Crazy Roxy

Omg I also bleed heavy days 2 and 3

4lilmorons 101

and why werent coby and cory not in the video


Vehicle Simulator

Samurai Exel 190

Why is in every stereotype video there’s a rage monster

Claudia Novoa

hey dude perfect, can you please do a soccer stereotype?

Jill Kalmar

Again James delivered a tear jerking response to an incredible opening. Thank you James for an inspiring performance for all my friends who are in live theater and on Broadway!!! <3

Piash TheLoLtyBabu

the world longest sling shot

Michael Johnson

So this is what being a Jedi in 2019 looks like. Cool

Steven Tohme

did she follow him on twitter?

Raymond Shepard

OK two things first has anyone seen the third alien whatever movie it said at 3 am the aliens start to ubduct humans is that a connection and play dcuo and go to the vault when u do u right before u leave look on the tunnel it's the same tunnel from silent hill revelations the movie part was the carnival and when u go to fight Robin if u picked joker u will see a blue bunny with a mark on his stomach the same mark from silent hill revelations and same bunny idk any other clues but please look if u may I'll try to

Koko Mmc

🤦‍♂️Que asco 🤮 me da esta basura que llaman música

Mario R

Awesome fuckign video Guru

JTD Project

Hey man Happy Friday too you :)


this video was edited so well

Jamil Ahamad

From india



Hudson Hartman

the rage monster is funny

rebecca raine

Cory is amazing!


Now hentai


This video is so fucking chill when youre high holy shit


Andranice Davis

Fuck all the haters that was cool

Avbone The Kid

1:51 I guess that's why they call him BOND

Infinite? PC.

Bettina Puskás

Guys like Ned needs a very good psychologist.


I'm here because its FunWithGuru


popcorn? i was expecting bamboo

kaizawa mufuyu

Now I understand... I better see a psychiatrist or psychologist. God, only if my parents believe in mental illness. This is made me mad.