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Leroy Yeeted meat

I don't have clinically diagnosed anxiety (Which the only time I will ever say I have something is if its clinically diagnosed because most regular people don't know shit about diagnosis) But I can definitely relate. I was at Starbucks and I waited for quite a while. I finally checked to see if I was called. Yep. The drink was room temperature, and I felt like a moron (Lucky me it was right by my school so YAY MY CLASSMATES WERE THERE) I just wanted to go in a corner and never exist. Another time, I was at a gas station, and I just.. I was shaking, begging my grandma (Live with her) to go back to the car, I don't know why, I just wanted to escape.

Stealth Darko

They censored bully... b r u h m o m e n t

Aiden shell

I used to be at panda like you till I took an arrow in the knee

Rosel HuskyHugger

why did you do that to poor panda??i am not gonna lie that actually really hurts

Jorge Moreno


Nelson Cuero

do you play all of these games?

So yeah and Dear Esther's so subtle it's creepy -- http://dearesther.wikia.com/wiki/Ghosts?file=Ghosts.jpg

How.. how could you?

4. Next few weeks : depressed, No beyond good evil

Jennifer Na

Wait he’s number one still

Gacha AG


forgotten jam

anyone here in 1988?

Jehan Hassouneh

WTF why do wehave TO FUCKIN PAY

Arianne Mercado

"super funky"

Mr. Randum Guy?¿

Road to 40 million

Retro Jonesy

Good vid, i have just finished the uncharted trilogy and it was really impressed with them all. They all are epic and look amazing. I really didn't want 3 to end it was one of the best games i've played in a while.

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5:00 !!!!!!

Patricia Morales V

Denle laik si te gusto ❤💋💋💋❤💋❤💋❤💋❤

Memely_ Dayz

That poor man tho

Daniel Axon

He's right

Ashton Weaver

No it is not Bo3 is better

Code: Luis

Like If Elsa should join the Avengers 👍

Dabrack Boy

Like if team purple hoser


Im subbing just because you warned about the jumpscares. I fuckin' love you man.


How type story if not move?

Samantha Szczypien


ur mom

listening to chandler needing to pee makes me need to pee lol


Ovo doesn’t make tall sizes

Cathy Locke

asome good job

Emily Petty

meatball sub stans

Everything With VARTIKA

Wow..... Unbelievable


Dats tuff

Nick Gur

People my school still do bottle flips

Ius and The Foods

Dont u understand? The climate changes issue is here. It means no more frozen. It's melting. It becomes underwater frozen. 😲

Wheres the closet dog shelter!!

Tahnoun Shafeer

10 million SUBSCRIBERS!!!!!


everything was nice I loved but I hated the last part like it was so rude I hated it bas

Rotten Red Milk

I had a panic attack at school and everybody used the term "overeacting" instead of the word panic attack to make it less offensive.


Maaan.. wtf is up with all these Double Ads now.

Raewyn Winter

GO TY ;)