FORTNITE FAILS & Epic Wins! #65 (Fortnite Battle Royale Funny Moments)

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I’d love it if you would eventually do an in depth video on empanada making like how you did the fried rice!!

Tyler Comeau

Guru,in the new Black Ops 3 zombies map,when you are doing one of the easter egg,you have to stop a clock tower at a specific time and a lighting bolt even strikes the clock tower,so it has to be a reference to Back To The Future.

Kraftygirl 0125

What drawing format do you use?

j a n g m i a h

Well it depends...i think I’m more like an introvert, because I like being alone, not talking to anyone, I feel awkward when I have to approach people, I panic easily, I often feel insecure... I could be mute it won’t bother me x)

ilike trains

I made the mistake of watching this before I went on a plane ride

Andrew Coleman

Dude Perfect- Deforestation since 2015


What happens if you put magnesium ribbon in liquid oxygen?

holy fucking shit


The 11 Gaming

I couldn't see his skin

Yaseen Jawad

How are you twins dude my name is Rehan and I am muslim

Money: exists

ahmad Bilal


John_ Taco_

I am sure it was worth it ;)

Sponge Hanks

There’s a lot of people who say that there the richest in the world:/

02 Mod Pasuphan

The Hitman one seems depressing as fuck.

Penny Sheppard

I still don't know who is who?

Shanny Kuswardi Ratman

is zelda playable

What is it about: How I created a Harry Potter book

shivam thakur

In 2019


Guru the king👑

jordy torres

2018 anyone?


6:16 Death Stranding?

Vidushi Singh

How they wrote "actor jk" in description


how is the couch easter egg (Battlefield: Hardline) still not here?

Animating Wolf

You did a good deed 👍🏻


Who else thinks they should come back to the planted tree to look how big it is now?!

John Guitar Solo

Awesome video post !


Fucking crazy <3

Jaydon Morrison

2018 anyone?

Dark Glacier

You can adopt too

cookim snookims

"Now why would I need a Waffle Maker at a time like this??"-Best line in the existence of any CoD game ever devised

Aaron Vega

At least doesn't have the most dislike on you tube


Working my butt off to build a new pc for this game. 😲

Kyle Chang

Should be showing this trailer with Toy Story 4!

Bhagirathi Pilania

Don't play with balloons play with normal guns which have colours

Sarah Murrow


Ethan Arndt

4:45 Ty just got off a swing for 5-12 YO's

James Pool

At least they won at least 1 game

starsnipe 007

Where is panda


My name is Zyon

Richard Jaquez

go pats

Hector Velasquezgarcia

Can I be in 40,000 dollars plz I want a pc

James Connolly

30 people prefer baseball