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Foster The People's new album 'Sacred Hearts Club' is available now: Play: Music: the band:#HardenThePaint #Vevo

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-Ultraviolence -

Ha welcome to my world


2:47 When you accidentally roast yourself.

bubamonkey _special


Mohammed hussein

How do you dothat tell me please

Emma Lou

I liked he last one best

Crimson Tone

Haven't seen a single notification from this channel in the 2 months I've been subbed. Thanks YouTube.

nomar contreras

spotify when?

lps pawsome paws wow wow ow tv 23321

The twins don’t have their dad there ;-;Only one does jk it’s TWIN DAD

Lord Keaveney

Oh yeah yeah

Daniel Te Raki

I don't think they ever use the bubble staff


James White

I love Luke Bryan

David Monaghan

Pore cody😢😢😢😢

Ashlynn L

I wanna see all the bloopers from this video.

Xtreme Games

You were always inside, hence the title. I've read so many theories online and that's the conclusion I'm going with. There are still many things left unexplained, but that one is true.

Christian Casas

Thanks u changed my perspective on everything thank you

Mowlana Abdussamad


YawnDawn QwQ

oh no no

donald strickland

I'm crying

Ngoc Tien Bui


Wendy Varnadoe



Love your vids bro 👌🏿

Commander Mockingjay

Did I just see Kong?


3:31 Look at codys face

I awesome person I

My favourite is the signature dunk

4) then you try one again me: I'm not se- oh wait yes I am crud


In Dear Esther, there is a candle that has a reflection in a puddle near by. if you look in the puddle, you can see a figure standing behind the candle. but it is only in the reflection.

Swag dog 108

Your running out of ideas get more creative please :)

Aidan Burton

..."i said to her i want a divorce" next date he goes on is his 18th birthday, ok but who is married at 17? Genuinely curious right now


3,000 anyone

Rytis Bernotas



You know as someone that hops onto YouTube every single day, I feel like Guru's videos are a gift to me for patience. It's almost like a celebration. Kinda like a "thanks for waiting so long and not throwing your phone at a wall out of anger" celebration. Tbh I could wait years for Guru to upload a video and it'd be the best day of my fucking life. #guruforoverlord

90blake YT

Cried my fucking eyes out

kubson 2

You are Perfect. WOW

Foxy gaming230


Mr. Reddit


Gaming noob

That goat was a baaaaaaad idea


Simon Keenan-jones

hi dude perfect nothing to do with this but well done on your nerf video

Rachel Fenton

I'm on a going to attempt to become a vegetarian for my 14 birthday I'm preparing myself by eating a lot of meat👍😆🍗

Hailey Aurora

At 16:14 Grayson reminded me of a Mario character


Oh my days

Zac Burgess

My favourite shot was when ty did the hole in one

Archimedes Cacho

that sneaky message at the top right in the very end of the video

Michael Roesberry

They be so lucky to get the legendary five on there channel


no that's Activision

Monika Monik

Give puppy for the old lady !!!

Mikuláš Valášek




Whitney Dahlin

This is honestly really misleading and trivializes a complex and serious mental illness. There is no one cause for anorexia and a lot of anorexics aren't trying to lose weight because they think they're fat they just don't want to eat or have an aversion to food because they tend to feel so out of control in their lives that food is the only thing they can control. It has nothing to do with appearances at all. This video is both stupid and insensitive.



Nofin Asia

dude perfect vs T-series..

Lunar Wolf

If Jayden lost it and then found her wallet in the toilet does that mean she dosnt flush or her wallet is magic and don’t get flushed? ->-

Riley Ahlefeldt

Do a boating stereotypes




Music Easter Video Eggs.

Sarlan Eriwyr

the invisible chest is the inventory of one of the khajiit caravans, not an easter egg

1. You are reading this fact now