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i hate what they did to the game..they stoped duplication n made the kicks take stam..after that i sold it xD


Can you poor liquid magnesium into a pool or tank of water?


whats with the coaters xD


On the first one the fletching or feather what ever u want to call it he held it wrong

crazygame crafter

You need minecraft


why do people not see the dead goat in the cage? or atleast zoom to it?

it's your boy Diego vlogs

hillbilly actually means friend from the hills

magali ardon

You go girl

Like For Garret !!! WhAT aRe TheY EaTInG?!?!?!

Shmeagle Nottz

On the dark side of the moon there is a base of some sort I had somebody give me a secret link of 2 photos and I seen it and there was a building with circular structures with things that look like generators and other glass looking things I knew it was real when I went to the link again and a Cia logo popped up with loud siren sound going off out my speakers saying leave this url now

Midnight Thoughts

I kind of relate???

Yosemite Sam

@SaceMilk americans R funny ..notice those too guys wer american

demon girl

Gets A- I say you got a good grade girl no this is very bad

Counter Untermen

Oh my god, it's ginious! Look, in all ordinary games X button is for jump, but in Last of Us characters can't jump naughty button is X!

Random Genji Main

Anyone watching in 2019? Like if you are

Guadalupe Guzman

Help hel

Chirag Arora



my 17 year old mom was only 17

felipe pedersen

remember when you had to discover easter eggs and glitches for yourself, and not just look it up on youtube. instead you would take your gameboy to your friends house, and share easter eggs and glitches. those where the times c:


Song name

Elliot gaming 304 L

Hey do you dude perfect what’s up you are the best channel ever you are is a big trick shots and I like it

ik ram many time you spend to find alk that easter eggs and secret? and how? did you googling it?


Poor miller it's his Dino

and soon it will leave you mutilated


Can you see what happens to jello with liquid nitrogen please

But we get to see them act as normal friends here.

Xavier Rose

Imagine a star wars game with the cutting mechanics of the afro samurai game. Why has no one done this yet?

Freeze DownTown

Statue of Liberty

The first time he'd try it on me

Changhwa Cho

2019 anyone?



Sleep enough at reasonable times and rest enough.

Tyler smith

in battlefield 1942 there's a island that says " haggards was here "


Please q and a

Laura Butawo

Wow I enjoyed it ❤❤💘


4:24 High stick, no goal!



Malte Berglund


Zephyr Tiger

11:13: It landed upside down

Damien Bani

Are you real

Best Music




Jonathan Roeder

@vernonnorbert actually u have been proven Fake.......and gay

sara Bailey

Im just trying to figure out what country she ecsaped from