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arctic fox

13m spain people

Professional Commenter

Parenthood looks beautiful on you guys!

Valentine Dsouza

OMIGOSH there at Eagle Gymnastics and that’s were I go I’m on silver

Hoàng Nguyễn Viết

2018 anyone ?


hell ya new vid!!

Vivian Lin

3 million views

ANITA Digioia

Isay high low low high

Nicholas Krowicki

Another shitty force unleashed game with a blunt lightsaber.... jedi knights lightsaber mechanics are still the best by far, and they came out in like 2002 ffs

Andrey Babinov


Vincent Balsimo


She mustered enough courage to speak.

Sab Cruise

y only coby or cory is there.


Did you know about the bolts Easter egg in Ratchet and Clank for PS4 Guru?


How lucky we are to have a game developer such as Naughty Dog. "The Last of Us" is one of the best experiences I've ever had with any kind of media/entertainment, be it book, comic, movie or game. If you take your time with it, it really rewards you.

bloodhound pro

I'm scared of death if I was dead I wouldn't know what comes next after death and if anyone would be hurt and no one would try to help they deserve to be like that person hurt and ...I'm just saying be happy that God gave you all life and spend time with your family because no one lives forever some people die of age some people get shot some people did a traded life for others so if you see someone that has a rough life you should help them and you might get something for what you did like when you die you go to heaven or you're life becomes better

Brody Jakubowski

Garrett always makes fun of ColbyYeah he’s the only one that’s lost to him ha ha ha ha



Ned Landry

Give me 10likes

Liam Parrish

Oh my god I was very worried Because this is one of my fav channels

Pot Head Media

Everyone's SCARED AF of Tony

Taron Tilla

1/[_\---z. C. N q

ØG DønutZ

18:00 JJ lmao

Johnny Lavo

This is the first video ever that had the likeness of the awesomeness of today's Dude Perfect. I wonder who/what came into the equation and helped them to start producing the real magic.


damn this song slaps i love it

T R A X S H。。。

No you not

Braulio Quinonez

Definitely making this!!! I make most of these recipes. I love Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!!

Flippy Musa

Left 4 Dead Easter Egg Please

Grace Deocaris

The story doesn't seem real. She never sound even sincere or sympathetic about what happened to Mary and her depression. She only experienced it just for 2 hours, not even YEARS

My teacher was incredibly stupid. Her singing warmups can make you dizzy or lightheaded "dont close your eyes during my lessons cause u might pass out" she once said. You would stare at the wall and sing, not being able to move..even your eyes. I would have been fine if it werent for the lesson.

The phil show

Its really upseting to see all these hate comments about her own opinion even after she got better with more supporting people it sick how you people write hate comments about a girl who was bullied for having a diffrent a opinion on things

Jose Oquendo

Im a better keeper than the whole dp squad


the song is annoying

Afro Kid

i can't believe you made that OMG


Ethan Taylor

How’s it feel that the eagles are gonna beat you tonight

Samantha Jackson

Am I the only one who didn't understand anything?😂

Douglas Rogers

I wish I was at that concert 😁

Help her she needs a lot of help 27 hours geez helpppp her and what wood u name her if she was living

anuraag thakkar

Who is watching this in 2017 ???

Rebecca Helen

He's right about how it feels to see a Broadway show.....and the rest, too. Except I'll take Netflix, Hulu etc. Over TV everytime.

Tony Spatafore

You should do a trick shot video with the splash brothers

Dria M.

Why do I feel like crying????

>ass backgrounds again HAD ME DEAD


Do one with Blair Walsh. Oh wait, then we couldn’t make this video...

TCDogXD 17

I am so lost are we learning about someone’s story or why we shouldn’t have that much sugar.......

Deanna Castellanos

Team Coby all the way

tweets BlueBerry

Where i live you can go to jail or your phone will be taken away and never giving back and the police would take all the pics down from the internet

CYBERPUNK 2077 KEANU REEVES I myself live with celiac disease. I hate it. I feel the struggle that people don't take you serious. Thanks to the gluten free hipsters, some people think celiac disease is a joke.



grollen wueste

jason and vaas are you too friends ? :D