Girl Almighty - One Direction - Drum Cover

Happy New Year! Due to several requests, here's a cover of Girl Almighty featuring special guest appearances...Thanks to Dillon once again for his mastering skills. Check out his soundcloud here Used: Tama Starclassic B/B DrumsZildjian 15" K Light HihatsZildjian 22" K RideZildjian 22" K Custom Dark RideZildjian 21" K Crash/RideDW 9000 Double PedalSony Rx100 (front camera)Zoom Q3 (side camera/audio)Shure SE535 IEMsOne Direction- Girl Almightyfrom the 2014 release "Four"

Satan's Lover

Is the ep 3 out yet?

Jakub Matys

If you reading this in year 2030 replay back please I hope Trump is dead by then 😀😀😀😀😀

Hunter 02 Ifrad


Trash The fandom trashcan

~Looks at thumbnail~

Zach Wildermuth

Where isGerrit


I Got A Dude Perfect Nerf Commercial

Aon Khan

Film with john cena

Mary Olson

why hit panda 2019 tell who he is

MTbetta 98

This was fucking hilarious! Great vid Guru!

My Life


Exactly why they tell me first.

Susie Hussong


Nice video Guru.


have to see it to believe it and i saw it so yeah............amazing

Damen Rowland

james bond movies are made for men and dads not for millennial feminists so stfu and man up

Kratos Surs

I miss max :(

Evtendo awesome

You should have stuck to one movie and that's it

yes indeed

What's being referenced at 1:50


I still think she's lucky because her parents are giving her so much love.


this place looks amazing

Martijn de Jong


All Yellow Josh

I’m in love with the trailer music !!!


Regret, that bitter feeling...personally I think I am more afraid of the death of those that I hold most dear than my death. It's horrible

Luke Waggoner

I have the same hat as ty but it was a Texas tech instead of A and M

Alex Chan

I know that's cool

Abhayraj Mishra

"y'all might see me there."

TheDerp Troope

I wonder who were the poor British saps who climbed their way up the mountains just to make a firelight.

Gannon Minton

Its also Harper in Black Ops 2

Like if you want to see that


Dwanell Mobley

Girl: starts up phone

Wafa175 Smkari


he’s a legend and we need more people like him in the world

AtomicBomber 9000

Toda la semana en tendencias 1 ooofff

Sarah Clevenger


Sebbe Grip

Max Payne 3 And Gta V is made by the same company and as far as i know, it runs on the same engine.

Colby gamer

coby cotten aways loses give me the shirt