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Meme Baker

The hidden conversations were the best

West Merrill

team coby/ty

Ikey Boy

iloved the panda anbush

Griffin Sinclair

Do it for the gram

Nick Chambernator

Storm trooper sees buddy insta killed. "Movement!"


Guess no one hasn't found it.

Michigan Fan

you should film at my house i would love to be in a video

Kristen Wiese

5:49 pelecan photobomb! lol its perfect timing

Kody Eagle Elk

Kappa Kappa

Who came with that garbage!

A Girl


Y i k e s

Man this was a long awaited video. I remember asking you on Twitter if this video was still happening awhile back.

Micah Fitzgerald

idc what anyone says, GHOST was such a good call of duty


loaded 4 seonds then stopped for 5 mins

Godlike Chameleon

Amazing vid 😃



Mushie RBLX

I cried like a lot just watching this video

Zack Moonyham

Team gar


I got so happy when i saw this 😍

Mobile Legends Gaming

Is that offline

Leah Star

So I should smack every type of food out of the hands of people at my school??cuz' everybody eats all the time

Julissa Davies


William Morse

That second poster is obvious. Just guess who? EZIO and it shows a near perfect replication of him without his assassin wear.


Earth elemental made those stone giants i bet


Nice Time

dark sorcerer



If you look close, you can see its not a real panda!!

Nap Dagdagan



sorry guys. its not real



American Ninja Productions

This is like the scene in Homecoming where Vulture figures out Peter's identity except if he was an idiot

Jason Hubbard

why'd the golfer where two pats wen he went golfing. IN CASE HE GOT A HOLE IN ONE!!!!!!!!!!!

If I get more pretty

Jeremy Ikemuonso

I am so sorry you had to go through those terrible things.


I just, hate her.

Maryh Santos


Grand master Of exotic butters

My childhood will never be seen in the same way again

Michael Coleman

NYC people...Everything is a 9/11. I'm from Cali...shit happens all the time and we keep it moving...gotta beat that traffic. Once saw a woman get hit crossing the freeway on foot and somehow ended up in the fast lane all broke up. There was a small stall, but for the most part, we kept it moving....Gotta beat that traffic.

Shots fired.

Nathaniel Davenport

do it

Y5A4-Lok Hang (Alpha) SO

Who will put holes in a boat?Answer: Garret

Shisui The Fox of Teleportation

Minute videos?

Jack Staten

Of course NY City gets 600 million dollars for a 5 mile wall to stop mother nature. They're not even sure what the effects will be on the coast that is affected by the sea wall. NY City is a poster child for "just because you can do a thing doesn't mean you should " . That parcel of land was not made to hold millions of People and trillions of tons of concrete.

Thanatos Draco

My favorite easter egg is probably the Grunt in Halo 3 mission Halo that's hiding at the end of the level.

Family Shimmin

I panic when i see the macdonalds ad

Faaz Alvi

What 10,000 dollars a year. That's how much Mr Beast gives away in like 1 day or even free without any challenges in like 5 minutes